Agent Acquisition, Enhancing Your Professional Image, Audition Hacks & The Art Of Booking More Gigs.

What you will learn

Identify Your Goals

Build An Impressive Portfolio

Master Auditions

Learn The Art Of Booking More Gigs


Embark on an enriching journey towards success within the dynamic dance industry through “How To Become A Professional Dancer: Roadmap to Success,” led by the esteemed instructor, Chris Van Doren, a distinguished figure in the Australian dance scene. This comprehensive course, meticulously structured around a 10-step guide, serves as a beacon of knowledge and empowerment for aspiring dancers. Participants will be equipped with indispensable tools and profound insights necessary to flourish in this fiercely competitive field.

From thoroughly defining personal aspirations to honing essential skills and crafting a compelling portfolio, each section of the course provides invaluable guidance tailored to propel careers forward. Emphasizing the significance of embracing individuality and nurturing professionalism, participants will also receive practical tips on networking, securing lucrative gigs, and refining their craft.

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With a steadfast focus on perseverance and seizing opportunities, participants will be emboldened to realize their dreams while fostering a supportive community within the dance industry. Whether you’re at the inception of your journey or seeking to ascend to greater heights in your career, this course offers a meticulously crafted roadmap to unlock your full potential and leave an indelible mark in the vibrant world of dance. This comprehensive course guarantees transformation and guidance towards a fulfilling career in dance




Welcome & Course Overview | Industry Awareness | The Importance Of A Vision
Understanding The Challenges Of Breaking Into The Industry

Defining Your “Make It”

Discovering Goals, Jobs, and Inspiration in Dance
Your Vision

Practice Makes Perfect

Maximising Learning: Seek Guidance, Seize Opportunities, Embrace Risks
Your dance repertoire

Embracing Your Difference/Find Your “Look”

Optimising Appearance: Embrace Your Unique Look for Professional Impact
Creating Your “Look”

Building Your Portfolio and CV

Professional headshots, compelling CV with bio, and self-tape video importance.
Self Test Tape

Bonus Strategy Call | Pt 2

Unlocking Part 2. of “How To Become A Professional Dancer”