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Become an elite HIIB – HIIT Boxing Coach wherever you are in the world! Coaching certification on completion.

What you will learn

Become a world-class HIIB® HIIT Boxing Coach.

Learn to teach HIIB® to a class or private session.

Boost your boxing coaching or PT offering to clients.

Understand the origins and concept of HIIB®.

Understand the principles of HIIT Boxing.

Understand the theory of HIIB®.

Learn to deliver a HIIB® class safely and effectively.

Understand the essential qualities of a HIIB® coach.

Understand the role of the HIIB® coach.

Understand the structure of a HIIB® class.

Ability to manage a HIIB® class.

Understand HIIB® class management.

Excellent course even if you don’t want to teach HIIB® but want to learn more about it.


HIIB is High Intensity Interval Boxing – the original world-famous HIIT boxing workout, since 2015.

If you coach, or want to coach, boxing or HIIT boxing to classes or private clients you need your HIIB Coaching certification.

A seriously challenging full body work-out, HIIB is all the benefits of HIIT, in a thrilling boxing-style format that leaves you exhausted and exhilarated, whatever your level of fitness or boxing experience, even if you are a complete beginner!

Created by Matt Garcia, England Boxing ‘Champion’s Coach’ and founder of BoxingYoga and Total Boxer, the HIIB Coaching Course is available so boxing coaches, class instructors, personal trainers, or anyone with an interest in boxing, HIIT and fitness, can deliver this exciting and challenging system and show their clients they are at the top level of HIIT boxing coaches.

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The self-paced, online HIIB Coaching Course blends instructional video and downloadable PDFs so anyone can learn how to teach this incredibly popular and effective training method, anywhere in the world.

Take as long as you need to work through the course materials, and when you are ready you will submit an assessment video of you ‘teaching’ a HIIB class so you can demonstrate your knowledge and ability.

Once certified you stand out among other HIIT or boxing coaches to become a recognised top HIIB HIIT Boxing Coach, certified to teach HIIB to private clients or classes.

This course is designed to guide you whatever your level of fitness or coaching experience in boxing or HIIT training.



Welcome to the Course!

Meet Janis, HIIB® Coach
Welcome to the Course

HIIB® Coaching Course Manual

HIIB® Coaching Course Manual

HIIB® Class Review #1

Welcome to HIIB® Class Review
HIIB® Class Review #1

HIIB® Structure

Welcome to HIIB® Structure
Phase 1 – Warm-Up
Phase 3 – Body Work
Phase 2 – Boxing Skills
Phase 4 – Championship Round
Phase 5 – Cool Down
HIIB® Equipment

HIIB® Drills

Welcome to HIIB® Drills
Early KO
Rhythm Section
Stick & Move
Squat One Twos
Fakes & Counters
Speed & Power

HIIB® Class Example

Welcome to HIIB® Class Example
HIIB® Class Example

HIIB® Class Review #2

HIIB® Class Review #2

HIIB® Class Management

Welcome to HIIB® Management
HIIB® Management

The HIIB® Coach

Welcome to the HIIB® Coach
The HIIB® Coach

HIIB® Class Review #3

HIIB® Class Review #3

Preparing for Assessment

Assessment Example – Judit (Spanish)

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