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Easy Learning With a Clear Method

What you will learn

You will learn to play must-know jazz progressions in commonly used shapes

Learn to hear chord tones in given harmonic structures

You will develop your skills of spontaneous harmonic arrangement of a melody

You will start to understand harmonic skeleton of many jazz tunes

You will be able to accompany yourself and play in a combo using given chordal shapes

You will get confidence as a beginner in jazz

Learn how to release inner resistance for practicing and stop procrastination

You will know about effective ways to return and sharpen your focus when you are distracted

You will try special breathing practices and psychotechniques that help to stop inner dialogue and put all your energy into practicing


Hello and welcome to the course β€œHands-and-Ears for Jazz Harmony. Part I. Easy learning with a clear method”.

This course was created by NL based pianist and educator Anna Frank, who believes in quality content and structure in jazz education.

Hi, my name is Anna and I have been teaching and researching the most effective methods for learning jazz harmony, ear training, and spontaneous arrangement skills for more than 15 years. I will take your music instincts and skills to the next level.

Because of the effective methodology and premium techniques that are used in the course, we reduce the time of studying of the material to several weeks instead of several years. This means that you will be able to enjoy playing at jazz jams and share your music publicly much faster.

By the end of this course you will be able to play 24 commonly used jazz progressions on the piano in 3 basic shapes:

– 5-note Two Hand Rooted voicing

– 4-note Two Hand Rootless voicing

– 4-note Left Hand Rootless voicing

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You will be guided how to practice using Intervallic and Ear Training methods. No abstract theory: practice at ease with joy!

The course contains unique meditations, breathing practices and psychotechniques in order to release inner resistance, possible procrastination, fears but raise your energy levels and motivation to study regularly.

This course is for aspiring beginner jazz musicians of any specialization who feel overwhelmed with multiple disorganized sources of information in jazz education and want to study with joy and confidence following a clear effective method.

This FREE course prepares you to expand your harmonic vocabulary with the next course in this series β€œHands-and-Ears for Jazz Harmony. Part II. Grow your repertoire fast”. I walk you through the process of ingraining jazz harmony sequences as if I were teaching it to you in a classroom or individual consulting environment.

You receive easy to follow instructions and step by step training all the way. With this course you are getting access to Premium resource files in the format of pdf and mp3, so that you could download them and practice at any time.

Why is this a unique jazz harmony training package? You are just about to find out. Go ahead and click the enroll button, and I will see you in Lesson 1.

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Problems And Solutions In Learning Jazz Harmony

Psychotechnics For Natural Learning

Psychotechnics 1. Tapping Meditation.
Psychotechnics 2. Breathing Schemes.

Guided Path In Harmonic Training. Exercises.

How To Practice
Progressions Group A
Progressions Group B

Final Remarks

Where To Go From Here
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