Take your first steps into growth marketing

What you will learn

Understand what Growth Marketing is and how you can use in your company

The different phases in the pirate funnel and how to apply this yourself

How to make sure you are ready for growth. This includes a compelling value proposition and a clear target-audience.

Spy & steal from your competitors. Do a competitor analysis and steal their best marketing tactics.


Always wondered how your company can use Growth Marketing?

In this course we go beyond the buzzword.

I’ll teach you everything you need to know to determine if Growth Marketing is something for you or your organisation.

We’ll talk about

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  • What is Growth Marketing
  • How can you run Growth Marketing sprints
  • What are the prerequisites for growth?
    • Sharp Value Proposition
    • Clear Target Audience
  • What are the different phases of the Growth Marketing Funnel (Pirate Funnel)
    • Real examples of start-ups, SMEs & corporates we helped
  • How to spy & steal from your competitors

This is not a standard growth course with all the examples you’ve seen everywhere around the internet like Facebook, Twitter & Airbnb. We included tons of real examples & experiments that we ran for our clients at Upthrust.

What can you expect after following the course

  • You have a good understanding of what it means to run growth marketing experiments within your organisation
  • You know what the next steps are to strengthen your Growth Marketing knowledge
  • You can identify some low-hanging fruit. What are the first growth experiments you should run

What if you want more?

No worries, we’ve done this before. At Upthrust Academy, we trained over 500 professionals and made them ready for the wonderfull world of Growth Marketing. In this course we are just scratching the surface.





What is Growth Marketing?

What Is Growth Marketing?
Prerequisites for Growth

The Pirate Funnel

The Pirate Funnel & Awareness Phase
Acquisition Phase
Activation Phase
Retention Phase
Revenue Phase
Referral Phase

What’s next?

What’s next