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What you will learn

Absolute basics of technical writing all technical professionals must understand.

Write with precision, avoid jargon, and tailor your explanations to your specific audience – whether it’s developers, end-users, or executives.

Learn to leverage ChatGPT for drafting, editing, generating examples, and even brainstorming solutions to common user pain points.

Develop functional skills in creating API documentation, comprehensive user guides, concise release notes, persuasive proposals, and more.

Incorporate diagrams, screenshots, and other visual aids to boost comprehension and make your documents visually appealing.

Understand importance of copyright laws, data privacy regulations, and accessibility standards to ensure your documentation is both helpful and ethical.


Tired of confusing documentation that leaves users frustrated? Master the art of transforming complex technical information into clear, engaging, and genuinely helpful resources. This comprehensive technical writing course combines proven best practices with the power of cutting-edge AI tools like ChatGPT to streamline your workflow and create exceptional documentation.

This beginner-level course introduces the students to the essentials of technical writing necessary for engineering and technical domains. The course aims to prepare the students with fundamentals that they can apply and adopt independently in their domain or industry. The course uses short lectures to get you started and provides a list of resources and detailed assignments for you to continue your learning journey independently.

What You’ll Learn:

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  • Write for Your Audience: Learn to break down jargon, tailor explanations, and craft docs for developers, end-users, and decision-makers alike.
  • Supercharge Your Process with ChatGPT: Explore how to use ChatGPT for brainstorming, drafting initial content, editing for clarity, and generating clear examples.
  • Create Essential Tech Docs: Develop the skills to write in-depth API documentation, step-by-step user guides, informative release notes, and compelling technical proposals.
  • Visuals for Maximum Impact: Understand the use of diagrams, screenshots, and other visuals to explain complex concepts and make your documentation engaging.
  • Ethical & Effective: Learn about copyright, privacy regulations, and accessibility guidelines to ensure your documentation aligns with industry standards. A basic introduction to SEOΒ to help your content reach the appropriate audience.

Ideal for:

  • Tech Professionals: Developers, engineers, product managers – anyone who needs to explain the inner workings of software effectively.
  • Aspiring Technical Writers: Launch your career and learn the in-demand skills that make you a valuable asset in the tech world.
  • Anyone Aiming for Excellence: Elevate your tech communication and create documentation that boosts user satisfaction and drives product adoption.

With this course, you’ll gain the power to turn technical complexities into clear communication, enhancing the user experience and showcasing your expertise!




What is Technical Writing?
Importance Of Technical Writing
Knowledge Quiz

Foundations of Technical Writing

Principles of Technical Writing
Understanding your Audience
Knowledge Quiz
Tailoring Content to Your Audience
Structuring and Organizing Documentation
Knowledge Quiz

Introduction to ChatGPT and Generative AI in Technical Writing

Overview of tools like ChatGPT
Using ChatGPT in Generating Documentation
Knowledge Quiz
Pros of Using AI Tools in Technical Documentation
Cons of Using AI Tools in Technical Documentation
Knowledge Quiz

Creating Different Types of Technical Documents

API Documentation
User Guides and Manuals
Generating User Guides and Manuals using ChatGPT or AI tools
Knowledge Quiz
Release Notes
Design Document
Knowledge Quiz
Reports and Memos
Knowledge Quiz

Enhancing Documentation with ChatGPT

Using ChatGPT for Drafting Documentation
Editing with ChatGPT
Knowledge Quiz
Enhancing Documentation Quality with ChatGPT
Refining AI-Generated Content to Meet Professional Standards
​​Using AI for Audience Analysis
Knowledge Quiz
AI-driven Document Design and Layout
Visual Communication with AI
Knowledge Quiz

Advanced Topics in Technical Writing

Legal and Ethical Considerations
Feedback Loops and User Engagement
Knowledge Quiz
SEO for Documentation: A basic overview to get started
Automating Documentation Tasks
Knowledge Quiz

Project-Based Learning and Course Wrap-Up

Real-World Application
Conclusion, Next Steps and Resources to continue the learning