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A Comprehensive Course on Code Management and Collaboration

What you will learn

Git and GitHub for efficient version control

Implement Git workflows for smoother development

Collaborate effectively using GitHub’s project management features

Adhere to GitHub best practices and enhance project security


Welcome to “Git and GitHub: Collaboration and Version Control Unveiled,” your comprehensive journey into the world of version control and collaborative software development.

Designed for individuals at various stages of their development journey, this course provides an in-depth exploration of Git and GitHub fundamentals. Starting with foundational Git concepts, repository setup, and essential command mastery, you’ll swiftly progress to advanced techniques.

Advance your expertise by diving into branching, merging, rebase, submodules, Git hooks, and effective code management strategies within Git. Uncover the collaborative potential of GitHub, mastering project creation and utilizing pull requests for streamlined team collaboration.

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Throughout this learning experience, you’ll:

  • Acquire proficiency in fundamental Git commands and workflows, including rebase, submodules, and Git hooks, crucial for effective version control.
  • Harness GitHub’s collaborative tools for enhanced project management and seamless teamwork, empowering you to elevate your development practices.

This course prioritizes hands-on learning, offering practical exercises and real-world examples to solidify your comprehension. By the course conclusion, you’ll possess the confidence and skills to navigate Git and GitHub proficiently, enabling you to excel in collaborative software development.

Join us on this transformative journey to explore the intricate landscape of Git and GitHub, revolutionizing your version control and collaboration practices.




What is Version Control?
Introduction to Git
Git installation and Setup
Understanding Git Repository and Basic Linux Commands
Creating Your First Git Repository
Basic Git Commands
Git Commands
Quiz: Introduction to Version Control and Git

Git Fundamentals

Working with Branches
Merging Branch
Git Undo and Reset
Git Ignore
Git Stash
Quiz: Git Fundamentals

Collaborating with Git and GitHub

Introduction to GitHub
Cloning and Creating Repositories
Pushing and Pulling Changes
Collaborating with Others
Forks and Pull Requests
Branch Protection and Code Review
Quiz: Collaborating with Git and GitHub

Advanced Git and GitHub

Git Rebase
Git Submodules
Git Hooks
GitHub Actions for CI/CD
Quiz: Advanced Git and GitHub

Project Management with GitHub

GitHub Issues and Projects
Milestones and Labels
GitHub Wiki
GitHub Discussions

Git and GitHub Tips and Tricks

Git Aliases
Publishing website using Github
Customizing Github Profile

Wrapping Up

Next Steps