Become a Python expert by learning the basics and building amazing projects with Python

What you will learn

Create programs in Python 3 like Guessing game, Apollo 11 and ColorMixer

Develop step by step procedure to solve problems in any language

Build a complete understanding of Python 3

Create programs in IDLE using Python 3 in Script Mode


There is no better way to get a job in software development than through this course. You can make a very good living as a Python developer.

Python is a powerful programming language that is easy to learn and flexible, which is why many companies such as Google, Facebook, and others use Python to build their products. This course includes power-point lecturers, program scenarios, exercise files, and videos. Python is the world’s fastest growing programming language and is in high demand.

Those who prefer to learn by reading can download the lectures and study them. After opening the starter program, you can solve the scenarios or watch the videos to learn how to solve it step-by-step. The choice is yours, you gain valuable skills and lose nothing. Thank you.

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Every lecture comes with corresponding demo programs.

We’ll cover a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Installing Python 3
  • IDLE setup
  • Formating Strings
  • Strings
  • Integers
  • AvgGrade program
  • WageCalc program
  • BusFare program
  • Getting data from the user
  • Comparison operators
  • Data validation
  • If Statements
  • Boolean Values
  • Boolean Operator
  • ColorMixer program
  • Getting Numerical Data from the user
  • Loops- for loops, while loops
  • Textbook program
  • SalesTax program
  • CoffeeShop program
  • GuessingGame program
  • Apollo11 program
  • And much more


Course Overview

Course Introduction
Apollo demo
Exercise Files

Python Setup

Installing Python 3 IDLE
IDLE setup

Objects and data structures

Lecture: Data Types
Formatting Outputs demo
Download Exercise Files
Variables: demo
Numbers: demo
First Program challenge
Solution: demo
Lecture: Getting String data from the user
Input: Responding to Python Shell
If Statements demo
Comparison operators: demo
Lecture: Getting Numerical data from the user
While loop: demo
Quiz SalesTax: Second Program Challenge
Solution demo
For loop: demo
range(): demo

Up Next

What’s Next