Design Engaging App Launches with Flutter’s Splash & Random Promo Screens

What you will learn

Mastering Splash Screens: Integrate the Splash screen package for a polished splash screen experience.

Learn to display a random promotional screen after the splash screen on every app launch.

Understand the benefits of dynamic content for user engagement and targeted promotion.

Gain valuable insights into structuring and organizing your Flutter code for onboarding screens.


Want to create a stunning first impression for your Flutter app? Look no further! This comprehensive FREE course will guide you through building captivating splash screens and dynamic promo screens that keep users engaged from launch.

Master the Art of App Intros:

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  • Effortlessly integrate flutter_native_splash: Learn how to implement a professional-looking splash screen that sets the stage for your app’s user experience.
  • Design eye-catching promo screens: Discover techniques for crafting engaging promo screens that showcase your app’s features and functionalities in a visually appealing way.
  • Unlock the power of random promo displays: Understand how to display different promo screens on each app launch, keeping users fresh with new content and boosting overall engagement.
  • Solid Foundation in Flutter Development: Gain valuable insights into essential Flutter concepts for building user interfaces and managing app state effectively.

This course is perfect for:

  • Flutter beginners: Get your Flutter journey started on the right foot by learning industry-standard practices for creating app introductions.
  • Experienced Flutter developers: Refine your app development skills by enhancing your app’s launch experience with splash and promo screens.
  • Anyone looking to create a polished app: This course equips you with the tools and knowledge to make a great first impression on your users.

Ready to take your Flutter app to the next level? Enroll in this FREE course today and start building impressive app launches!




Complete Intro and Full course in one video

Promo Screen

Splash Screen
Onboarding(Promo Screen) and Lottie files
Promo Screen methods
Promo Screen widgets