A Google Apps in Education Survey Course

What you will learn

By the end of the course you will be able to identify the key features of Google Apps

Create new presentations, documents, forms and spreadsheets

Add Chrome apps and extensions to the Chrome browser



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Google Drive

Google Drive’s New Look
Getting Started with Drive
Google Apps via Drive
Printing to Google Drive
Organizing Files & Folders on Google Drive

Google Documents

Google Documents Overview
Sharing Google Documents
Exporting Google Documents
Google Presentations Overview
Google Forms Overview
Google Spreadsheets vs. Excel & Numbers
Google Templates

Google Calendar

Locating the Google Calendar
Creating a Google Calendar Event by Dragging on the Calendar
Google Calendar Quick Add
Google Calendar Click and Type
Google Calendar Color Coding
Google Calendar From My Calendar
Google Calendar Via SMS
Google Calendar Adding Another Calendar
Google Calendar Drag to Create Several Day Event

Google Sites

Google Site from Template Gallery
Google Site from a Blank Template
Adding Pages to a Google Site
Google Sites List Pages
Sharing a Google Site
Google Sites Document Pages
Edit Google Site Navigation
Change Page Layout
Global Site Layout & Navigation – Major Edits
Embedding a Google Doc in a Google Site
Embedding a Form in a Google Site
Embedding a Google Presentation in a Google Site
Embedding a Calendar in a Google Site
Embedding a YouTube Video in a Google Site
Group Gadget
Revision History
Google Drive Photo Edits

Google Classroom

Student Point of View
Google Classroom Assignment List
Archiving a Google Classroom
Google Classroom App for iOS
Adding a Collaborative Teacher
Moving Classroom Items to the Top
Google Class add a Question or Reuse and Item
YouTube Videos for Google Classroom