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Learn why and how Germans work super efficiently and how you can apply it.

What you will learn

Learn which German habits make you successful

See why Germans are perceived as efficient & effective

You can adapt the specific habits to your life to get better results from your work.

You can also use them to work with & understand German people in projects.

Or you just can smile at our strange productivity habits. 🙂


Germans are supposed to be highly productive and efficient but why is that?

It’s a combination of typical productivity hacks & habits which are hard wired into our culture and a bunch of strange habits which are sometimes counterproductive. But even those habits help us to succeed at the end of the day.

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This course will both educate and entertain you: 

  • Learn how Germans work and why they are productive.

  • Learn how you can deal with them in a work environment.

  • Learn the pros and cons of typical German habits.




What You Should Expect from the Course

Typical German Productivity Hacks & Habits

We Know How to Work Hard – and Play Hard!
We Are Very Structured and Think About Dependencies
We Follow Up
We Work on Our Topics Every Day
Our Meetings Always Have Outcomes
We Plan Everything Way Ahead (And Execute Our Plans)
We Note Down Everything
We Try to Be Perfect and Don’t like Failure
There Must be Order!
We Love Punctuality

Some Typical German Habits – Understand Them if You Have to Work with Us

We Are Very Direct and Say What We Think
We Respect Authority
We Talk a Lot About Possible Failures
We Are Very Reasonable (And Why You Should, Too)
We Talk About Our Habits and Opinions
We Love to Lecture Others
We Talk About the News and Strategy (And Everybody Has to Know Them)
We like to Rest and Go on Cure
We Are Not Very Emotional (And Why That’s Good for You)

Bonus: Lectures from “Time Management for Professionals”

The Idea of a Flight Plan
The 20 Minutes Speed Run
The Wall Calendar Method
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Bonus: Preview Lectures of New Project Management Course

Why Bonus Lectures About Project Management?
How to Use Parkinson’s Law for Yourself
Work on One Thing You Hate Every Day
How to Manage Your Emails
Don’t Waste Your Final Hour
Definition and Advantages of Bulk Work
Why You Need 2-Dimensional To Do Lists
Think Big, Act Small – Mini Habits


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