Learn The Key Concepts of Drawing.

What you will learn

Learn The Key Concepts of Drawing.

Framing your composition

Using the picture plane

Using negative space to create more powerful compositions

Creating form from shadows and light

Creating contrast


Looking to get a grasp of the building blocks of drawing? Then this course is for you. This course is for anyone that wants to learn how to draw or anyone that wants to take their drawing to the next level.

Putting a pencil to paper to capture the world around us has inspired artists for centuries. If you’re interested in breaking out that sketchpad and pencil kit and immersing yourself in drawing—perhaps as a new creative outlet, a way to unwind, or to continue to sharpen your artistic craft—then taking this course is great for you.

In this course you’ll learn the keys to becoming a drawing expert, regardless of your starting level or age. You’ll earn about line, value, tone, negative space, and perspective, and come away with the confidence to start making drawing a daily practice.

This course contains a variety of dynamics and exercises designed to help you understand each of the thought processes involved in learning how to draw. These exercises will also serve as practice and as an instruction manual to help you create and complete your final project: your very first sketchbook.

By the end of this course you’ll be able to produce your own amazing drawings.






Getting Started


Theory behind drawing


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Use of lines

Upside-down drawing

Picture plane

Value and Tone

Creating the best tone

Value strip



Negative Space

Negative space

Negative space drawing

Relationship between objects

Using negative space to create powerful compositions


Scale and using a unit of measurement

Simple perspective

Viewpoint and understanding angles