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Introduction Course

What you will learn

What is ayurveda?

History & Philosophy of ayurveda

Five element theory

Three Doshas

How to discover your unique constitution

Human anatomy & physiology

Cause of disease

Ayurvedic diagnosis

Common diseases

Ayurvedic nutrition & diet

Detoxification & Rejuvenation therapies

Herbal remedies

Yoga therapy

Meditation & breathing techniques

Relaxation techniques

Morning cleanse routine

Seasons and daily cycle of the doshas


Foundations of Ayurveda is a short course designed to introduce you to ayurveda as a lifestyle to help you discover your true nature, enhance your health and cultivate harmony and happiness in your life. In this course we balance the knowledge of the ancient scriptures with practical tools to build an ayurvedic diet, natural lifestyle and positive mindset.

Ayurveda is the oldest system of medicine known to man, and originated in Ancient India around 5000 years ago. Ayurveda treats each being as a unique expression of the five elements earth, water, fire, air & ether, according to a unique constitution called your dosha. Ayurveda believes that by living in accordance to our unique constitution, we awaken the dormant power for self transformation and inner healing. This course will give you the tools to begin your journey and awaken the intuitive knowledge within you.

This short course is designed to inspire you to invest in your own health, giving you the essential understanding and tools to help you practice ayurveda in daily life. This eight part course covers the following topics:

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PART 1 – Welcome to Ayurveda (history, philosophy, five element theory)

PART 2 – Tridosha (three doshas vata, pitta & kapha, determine your unique constitution)

PART 3 – The Human System (digestion process, seven bodily tissues & nervous system)

PART 4 – Disease & Diagnosis (cause of disease, diagnostic tools, common diseases)

PART 5 – Eating for Healing (ayurvedic diet & nutrition, analysis of foods, caring for digestion)

PART 6 – General Treatment (detoxification & rejuvenation, fasting, panchakarma & herbal remedies)

PART 7 – Ayurvedic Lifestyle (stress management, addiction, morning routine, seasonal cycle)

PART 8 – Yoga & Meditation (yoga postures, pranayama, meditation, relaxation techniques)




Foundation of Ayurveda

Welcome to Ayurveda

The Three Doshas

Disease & Diagnosis

The Human Body

Ayurvedic Diet & Nutrition

General Treatment

Ayurvedic Lifestyle

Yoga & Meditation