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New 2021 career development scheme | Learn a strategy for trading the forex | Then get funded on a real account

What you will learn

You will be taken by the hand until you are ready to get funded by professional investors


Investors are keen to meet you. The problem is that you may not have anything to offer them yet. This course takes you by the hand and teaches you one strategy that will help you make it in the world of trading or I’ll give you your money back. Then your newly gained knowledge is put to the tests. Once you have successfully passed the tests, you are introduced to the investors. The training cost is only the price of this course. The funding comes automatically once your have been through the testing phases. There are 2 phases in general. The first one is the preparatory phase where you go on demo 2 or 3 times successfully passing the objectives given to you by the investors. The second one is an actual account provided to you on an insured basis. You pay an insurance premium of euro155 and you get real money to apply your skills gained through this course.

The insurance premium covers the investors against your losses so that you don’t have to pay them back. We have well over 12000 students for this course.

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Happy pips dear traders!



Intro to course
Intro to course
Prep material
Mindmap Intro
Get a trial account
Setting up the free trial
Installing the 2 robots
Close all at equity X
Finding News time and date
Finding news and time
News Application
News app
Lot calculator
Lot calculator
Final setup
A few tricks to know
Strategy Recap
Funding time
Spiritual Yoga book