Financial Statement Analysis 101 : Income Statement
Simplify Income Statement : Learn & Apply!

What you will learn

Understanding basic Income Statement

Profitability analysis which can be used in stock market analysis

Budgeting, planning and setting realistic goal for the business. Learn how to maximise profits.

Will open doors to various career opportunities as well as funding opportunities


I am sure you will enjoy this course as a beginner.

Income Statement is at the heart of finance – as you know how important profits are for a business.

This course will help you kick start in the world of finance. This course focuses on teaching income statement in a very simple manner so that a non finance student can also learn it with ease. This course will simplify terms like EBITDA, EBIT, EBT, PAT etc.  You will also be able to learn 5 profitability ratios including Gross Profit Margin, Operating Profit Margin, Net Profit Margin etc.  We will not leave it to only fundamentals – but we will apply the learnings to a practical example of DMart (which is a renowned retailer in India)

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Remember – you only learn by repeating things… so repeat this course whenever you get time (do it more than one time)

Finance seems to be very difficult for many. Coming from IIT background (technical), I faced really hard time learning finance. I want to put things in as simple way as possible so that you don’t face hard time learning it.

Fun is very important part of learning. Fun should be integrated in learning otherwise you get bored. I have tried including examples which will excite you and will help you complete the course in one go.




What is Income Statement?
Profit or Loss
Calculating Revenue
Types of costs
Tax Expense
Calculating taxes and profits
Interest Expense
Calculating interest expense
Depreciation & Amortisation
Indirect Costs
Types of Indirect Costs
Direct Costs
Direct costs
Margin Ratios
Practical Application
Dmart’s Income Statement