Increase your skills to increase your VALUE!

What you will learn

Learn basic problem solving techniques like the 5S principal

Identify 7 different kinds of waste

Learn about process improvement

Introduction to value stream mapping


Have that new job that makes you nervous on the drive in? Are you looking to get a promotion in your current role? Learn how to improve your skills and increase your VALUE! By taking this class, you will learn new techniques, tips and tricks to fine tune your skills in pursuit of a skill-based career!

When you are hired as the “New Guy or Gal” you are not expected to know everything right away, but your performance and confidence can greatly be impacted if you have a personal improvement process that you follow. This course gives you a simple process that can be followed to improve your skills and increase your value on the job. By learning how to identify and eliminate waste, you can begin to find time to train yourself in other skills while you increase your value on the job.

Not every job is perfect, and dealing with others around you will be a necessity, no matter what company you work for. By learning how to assess VALUE, you can begin to feel out where you rank amongst your peers, friends and family. Then begin to increase your value through skill development. These continuous improvement processes can be directly applied to coping with the nasty co-worker or head strong boss. Learn how to apply the FIVE S principal to continuous improvement.






By learning these 5 ‘S’ words in a proper order and understanding your value could be the difference maker in getting promoted VS finally having that nervous breakdown on the annoying co-worker.

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Introduction and What is a marketable skill?

Introduction and Marketable Skills Explained!

What is value? How do you know the value of your skills?

Understanding The Value Equation – What is Value?

What are the 5S’ssss? Process Improvement

Learning the 5S’ssss to improve your skills!

Identifying and Eliminating the 7 Wastes

Eliminate these 7 Wastes to improve your skills!

Is the Juice worth the Squeeze?

Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze – Real life examples of how we apply the 5S’ssss!