How to : Get 10k+ Facebook Page Likes In Less Than A Week | Grow Your Facebook Page Super Fast

What you will learn

How to Create a Facebook business or fan page

How to get and use free royalty free images

How to edit images outside of photoshop


Facebook Marketing: How to Make and Grow Facebook Page(Fast) How to: Get 10k+ Facebook Page Likes In Less Than A Week | Grow Your Facebook Page Super Fast. After you complete this course, you would have gained the knowledge to create a Facebook fan or business page. You will have inside knowledge on where to find free high-quality images to use for your page. You will have the secret knowledge to generated likes on a worldwide range, fast! This course is old and as such the material may not be as applicable as it was when it was first created. The course is free and as such, enjoy the learning experience. If you like the course and it is of use, please share it with your friends. Creating this course was a lot of fun. I believe that sharing one’s knowledge is a good thing for it benefits everyone that is interested in learning.  To withhold what you have learned is not advantageous for the progression of your fellow human. If you have a course to share with the world, then I recommend taking the time to create your content and bringing it to the world. This is good. Thank you for taking the time to look at it. I am truly grateful.

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Facebook Page Growth 101! Pay Attention

Creating a Facebook Fan Page or Business Page
Ad Campaign Creation
Ad Campaign Creation Cont.
Ad Set Creation
Detailed Targeting
Ad Identity Creation
Marketing Conclusion