for dry eyes, improved vision and concentration practices.

What you will learn

Eye care , preventive, curative management with yoga

How we can improve our eyesight (vision)

How we can improve concentration and intuition power (third eye chakra practice)

How we can make our eyes more happy and healthy , smiling always


Yoga for eye care is a holistic approach to maintaining healthy eyes and improving vision. It combines various yoga poses, pranayama exercises, and meditation techniques to promote eye health. Additionally, there are several easy home remedies that can be used in conjunction with these practices for optimal results.

Yoga works for eye health by addressing various aspects that contribute to maintaining optimal vision. Here’s how yoga practices benefit eye health:

1. Relieves eye strain: Yoga poses like palming and eye rotations provide relief from eye strain caused by prolonged screen time, reading, or other activities that require intense visual focus. Palming relaxes the eye muscles and reduces tension, while eye rotations improve flexibility and relieve stiffness.

2. Increases blood circulation: Pranayama exercises like Kapalabhati help increase oxygen supply to the eyes and stimulate blood circulation. Improved blood flow nourishes the eyes, promotes healing, and supports overall eye health.

3. Enhances eye coordination and flexibility: Yoga poses like focusing exercises and eye rotations improve eye coordination and flexibility. These exercises strengthen the eye muscles and enhance their ability to adjust to varying distances and focal points.

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4. Balances energy flow: Pranayama techniques like Anulom Vilom help balance the flow of vital energy (prana) throughout the body, including the eyes. By regulating the subtle energies, the eyes can function optimally and maintain good health.

5. Improves focus and concentration: Meditation techniques such as Trataka and eye-centered meditation enhance focus and concentration. These practices train the mind to concentrate on a single point, which also benefits the eyes by reducing strain and improving visual acuity.

Furthermore, the home remedies mentioned complement the yoga practices by providing additional nourishment and hydration to the eyes. Cucumber slices and rosewater have soothing properties that alleviate puffiness and refresh the eyes, while almond milk helps reduce eye fatigue.

It’s important to note that while yoga and these home remedies can provide valuable support for eye health, they are not a substitute for professional eye care. Regular eye exams and consultation with an eye specialist are essential for maintaining optimal vision





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