Step By Step Guide to Get familiar and become an expertise with Microsoft Excel 2021

Use Excel 2021 Efficiently

Get a more better picture of the frequently used Functions in MS Excel

Work With all kinds of data with ease

Capable to use MS Excel in their workplace with more proficiency


  • No Experience Required


This Course is designed to help people learn Microsoft Excel 2021. I have designed the curriculum in a way which inhabits the beginners as well as the experts. If pupils who take this course, be true to themselves and attend each session, follow each instruction and practice each exercise, they are surely going to gain a very clear understanding and expertise in MS Excel. MS Excel is used in most of the organizations to keep a record of all the data in that organizations and it has become a necessity to learn and become proficient in MSย Excel before one is looking for better opportunities in the Professional World. The Course focuses more on applying the Organizational databases in the Excel Exercises, and covers the topics. There is a practice folder which contains all the Exercises that need to be taken while the course is running. The candidates will be taking tests after every five sessions and a final test at the end of the course to get certified.

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The course enables the feature to use resources once the candidate registers with the course. The files can be used again and again by the candidates to keep practicing for improving their understanding.

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Who this course is for:

  • Beginners to Experts