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Excel 101: A Crash Course for Beginners
Unlock Excel’s Power: Data Entry, Formulas, Analysis, Efficiency

What you will learn

Master Essentials: Excel core features for data entry, formatting, and managing spreadsheets with confidence.

Formulas and Functions: Use Excel formulas, functions, and data analysis tools effectively.

Data Analysis Skills: Sort, filter, visualize data, and make informed decisions using Excel.

Advanced Techniques: Explore VBA, custom templates, and collaboration for complex tasks.


Welcome to “Excel 101: A Crash Course for Beginners” – the gateway to unlocking the full potential of Microsoft Excel! In this comprehensive course, you will embark on a journey gaining valuable skills that will benefit you both personally and professionally.

Course Highlights:

  • Master the Essentials: Start by mastering the core features of Excel, from data entry to formatting and saving spreadsheets. Gain the confidence to create, manage, and navigate spreadsheets effortlessly.
  • Harness Formulas and Functions: Delve into the world of Excel formulas, cell references, and common functions. Discover how to perform calculations, automate tasks, and effectively analyze data – skills that are highly sought after in the job market.
  • Unlock Data Analysis Skills: Learn how to sort, filter, and visualize data using pivot tables, charts, and graphs. You’ll gain the ability to make informed decisions and present your insights clearly and persuasively.
  • Dive into Advanced Techniques: Take your Excel expertise to the next level as you explore advanced topics such as VBA for automation, custom template creation for efficiency, and collaboration features. These skills will empower you to tackle complex tasks and collaborate seamlessly on Excel projects.

Course Topic Overview:

Microsoft Excel is the industry-standard spreadsheet software, used in various sectors such as finance, business, education, and more. Excel proficiency is a crucial skill for individuals looking to enhance their job prospects, boost productivity in their current roles, or simply streamline personal tasks like budgeting and data organization.

Course Coverage:

This course covers a wide array of topics, including Excel’s history and significance in today’s data-driven world. You’ll discover real-life applications and hands-on projects that provide you with practical experience. With a curriculum that spans from fundamental concepts to advanced techniques, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of Excel’s capabilities.

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How We Teach:

Our teaching approach is designed to be beginner-friendly, ensuring that even those with no prior Excel experience can follow along. With a series of short, engaging lectures and practical exercises, you’ll have the opportunity to apply what you learn in real-world scenarios.

Course Conclusion:

Upon completing “Excel 101: A Crash Course for Beginners,” you will walk away with the confidence and skills to harness the power of Excel for your personal and professional needs. You’ll be able to create and manage spreadsheets, perform calculations, analyze data, and automate tasks efficiently. With a verifiable certificate of completion, you’ll have tangible proof of your newfound Excel expertise.

Join us on this exciting journey, and let’s unlock the world of Excel together! Enroll today and take your first step towards mastering this invaluable tool.

Please note that this course does not require any previous knowledge of Excel, making it suitable for absolute beginners.



Introduction to Excel

Introduction to Excel
What is Excel?
Why is Excel important?
Excel interface and navigation
Worksheet navigation
Excel Workbook
Navigation Tips
Quiz 1

Formulas and Functions

Formulas and Cell References
Ways to find Excel function
Common Excel functions

Data Analysis

Sort and filter data
Pivot tables
Charts and graph
How to use macros

Advanced Topics

How to use VBA to create your own functions
How to create custom templates
Share and collaborate on Excel