How To Win With The Power Of Persuasion

What you will learn

Influence and Persuasion Techniques

Communication Tactics

Business Networking Skills

Self-Improvement Strategies


Everyday Persuasion Tactics (Tips, Hacks and Tricks) is a course made for the modern and competitive era. In this course you will learn powerful and effective methods of persuasion and influence that can give you a competitive edge in business and in life.

  • First we will learn about the needs for being more influential and improving your persuasion tactics in everyday life.
  • Next we will look at the advantages of effectively persuading others, while discussing the basics of how to influence people effectively.
  • Then we will follow with learning how to “use persuasion to win,” specifically focusing on how to use persuasion to gain the advantage, knowing how to use body language techniques to persuade and influence others, and most importantly understanding how to become a better communicator and a better negotiator overall.
  • Additional selective topics we will learn include: misconceptions and facts about persuasion, the importance of first impressions, 7 key body language tricks (as they relate to persuasion and influence), the differences between persuading in person vs. over the phone, and how to persuade strategically.
  • Finally. we will look at how we can learn to become a better persuader, by learning how to utilize (and practice) a 6-step effective persuasion process, and also learn a little about Aristotle (an ancient master of persuasion) who effectively changed our way of thinking about using logic in interpersonal discussions and negotiations.




The Power Of Everyday Persuasion Tactics

The Power Of Everyday Persuasion Tactics

Advantages of Effectively Persuading Others

How To Influence And Persuade People Effectively

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Using Persuasion To Win

Some Misperceptions and Facts About Persuasion

First Impressions

7 Key Body Language Tricks

Persuading In Person Vs. Over The Phone

Strategic Persuasion

Becoming a Better Persuader

The Best Persuasion Process (In 6 Steps)

The Persuasion Of Aristotle