Enhance Lucid Dreaming With Meditation
Take Control Of Your Dreams

What you will learn

How to use meditation to enhance lucid dreaming

The application of reality checks within a dream

The establishment of a meditation practice

Using meditation within a dream to gain further control over the dream space


Control Your Dreams!

Every night, everyone dreams. Unfortunately, not all of us remember those dreams, and even fewer of us can control them.

This is a shame, because β€˜waking up’ inside a dream – getting lucid – is revelatory. You see the truth of reality fall away, revealing a greater truth. You get the ability to control the dreamscape, to explore your subconscious, to fulfill your dreams, to heal from old wounds, and to ask your higher self for guidance and wisdom.

There is a direct connection between time spent meditating and the ability to enter, stabilize, and maintain the lucid dreaming state – this course will help you to establish and maintain your practice.

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This course will guide you through a collection of meditation practices designed specifically to enhance your lucid dreaming practice, as well as grant you deeper control over the dream state.

Drawing upon techniques from mindfulness, Zen, visualization, mantra repetition, introspective contemplation, and bodily relaxation, this course will enhance your focus, stability, clarity, and control – all of which will significantly enhance your ability to enter, maintain, and explore your lucid dreaming practice.

If you want to start lucid dreaming or gain greater control within your lucid dreams, this course is for you.





Using Meditation To Enhance Lucid Dreaming

What Is Meditation
Look At Your Hands
Mindfulness Meditation
Present State Awareness
This Is A Dream…
Staying In The Dream
Reality Checks
Tracking Progress
Establishing A Meditation Practice
Advanced Meditations Within The Deam
Finding Lucid Dreaming Inductions
Class Project


Recap & Resources