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Know where you are going and how to get there. Avoid obstacles. Learn English Speaking, Writing, Reading & Listening!

What you will learn

More than 25 hours and over 200 lectures. All English learners will benefit from comprehensive, clear explanations of how to achieve full English fluency.

Become an enthusiastic confident person that loves speaking, and a speaker people love listening to. Isn’t this what you really want?

Develop effective, fun, exciting learning strategies, and plans that motivate and inspire you to take your current English level to full English fluency fast.

Evaluate your current English level and understand the real benefits of using your level to build your “knowledge pyramid”. Learn what skills you need.

Learn the fastest way to build and multiply your “Active” vocabulary using the “Word Multiplier Tool”, then use your words to build the life you want.

Develop clear positive expectations for English proficiency certification tests such as TOEFL and IELTS. Use the guidelines and templates to create success.

Understand Obstacles to Learning English. Create successful attitudes and habits that allow you to minimize or completely eliminate these “dream killers”.

Experience real-life class demonstrations of learning exercises that produce fantastic results. Avoid ineffective learning.

Position yourself to be a true leader in the business world and in your personal life with your positive, organized communications skills.

Utilize my researched, tested, and organized best resources and tools list. This list contains the best free sites, links, ideas, and recommendations.

Build your understanding and application of the best attitudes, mindsets, values, principles, habits, and character traits all perpetual lifelong learners use.

Learn the tools and methods the professionals use.

Create compelling, exciting English learning goals that will “pull” you to the top. Learn to connect your wants and needs with your powerful internal energies.

Create a professional-level introduction video by following the step-by-step Course Project assignment.

Improve pronunciation by understanding the simple pronunciation rules English use.

Learn and use English in every section of the course.


More than 25 hours and over 200 lectures. Welcome to the MOST inspirational English language course, which will teach you EXACTLY everything you need to know to successfully and effectively understand and manage your English learning process.

Instructor generated 99.9% accurate captions and a clear, understandable verbal presentation to facilitate maximum learning rates.

I guarantee that this course contains information not found anywhere on the internet or the Language learning market or your money back. This course and the exercises, resources, and class project are for anybody, anywhere in the world, that really wants and needs to speak English confidently.

Here are some of the many topics and skills covered in this excellent, one-of-a-kind course:

  • How to create enthusiasm for learning English.
  • Learn how to best learn all of the basic and advanced components of reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
  • Learn how to convert your past obstacles and difficulties into your strengths.
  • Learn the best ways to quickly improve your listening comprehension by 40, 50, 0r 100%.
  • Understand how to use grammar and how to really appreciate and love grammar.
  • Learn how to quickly multiply your word power. Why learn one word when you can learn 6 or 10 or 12?
  • Create a powerful class project while you are going through the course. This will reinforce what you are learning and create a valuable skill you can use to improve your life.
  • Learn and do relaxation and visualization exercises that improve your learning rates.
  • Learn what “Optimal Mental State” is and learn how to put yourself into your Optimal Mental State when and where you need it.
  • Learn about the power of Certified English Proficiency tests and EVERYTHING you need to know to obtain a high test score.
  • Watch and learn from real online classroom situations.
  • Learn many of the best tools and resources you have available to you to learn English faster than at any time before.
  • Learn how to find, develop and use your inner gifts and talents to best learn English.

This course is different:

There are many English learning books, classes, courses, Youtube channels, tutorials, and social media sites teaching English. And you can learn something from all of them. However, none of them contains the overall learning strategy you must understand so that you can effectively design your learning program. It is essential you understand “what needs to be learned” and “the best way to organize and structure” the learning process. That is exactly what this course does. In addition, this course teaches you the # 1 most important skill for learning English.  How to condition and use your mind for maximum learning benefits.

About the Author:

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Robert Erickson is a professional English language teacher, artist, author, and entrepreneur with an incredible passion for helping people from all walks of life reach their English skills to the next level. Robert understands how valuable top-level professional English communication skills can improve people’s lives and is motivated and inspired by the many success stories he has had the privilege of participating in.

This course and the many course links, downloadable files, exercises, and course assignments are everything you need to create English learning progress and success in your life.

This course is a 25-40 hour English lesson and course that includes all of the tools you need to learn more, faster, and more completely than you have ever done before. This course is based on 30 years of teaching experience and knowledge of what really works, and what doesn’t.

Please sign up for this course now to begin making progress, real progress that creates genuine enthusiasm.

I guarantee that this  is the most time-saving, motivational, information-packed English language video course available anywhere or your money back (30-day money-back guarantee)


Robert Erickson



Learn English!

Thank you!
Course Overview!
Who is this course for?
The Benefits of Speaking English!
How to use this course!
You have the power!
Introduction Activities List
Section 1 Skills Conclusion


Pre-Lesson Questions:
Moral Imperative!
Design Your Path!
Strategies Quiz:
Strategies Activities List:
Section 2 Skills Conclusion

The best way to learn!

Pre-Learning Questions to ask:
The Power of Positivity
Program Your Subconscious Mind for Success Concepts
Program Your Subconscious Mind for Success Actions
Progress not Perfection
Organization: Why!
Organization: What!
Organization: How!
The Best Way to Learn Quiz:
Best Way to Learn Activities List:
Section 3 Skills Conclusion:

What You Must Learn!

Pre-Lesson Questions:
What You Must Learn Introduction!
How to use this section!
The Alphabet!
Ten Important Parts of Speech!
4 Types of Sentences!
Subject / Verb Agreement!
Types of Questions!
Verbs and Verb Tenses!
Vowels and Vowel Rules!
Passive and Active Voice!
4 Disciplines!
Tools and Resources!
Parting Notes!
What You Must Learn Quiz:
What You Must Learn Activities List:
Section 4 Skills Conclusion:


Pre-Lesson Questions:
Vocabulary Introduction!
Vocabulary Mindset!
Vocabulary Methods!
Word Classification!
The Multiplier Tool!
Multiplier Add-Ons!
Mental Associations!
More Vocabulary Tools!
Vocabulary Wrap!
Vocabulary Quiz:
Vocabulary Activities List:
Section 5 Skills Conclusion:


Pre-Lesson Questions:
Reading Introduction!
Why Read Well!
A Library Card!
Reading Benefits!
How to Become Great!
Passive & Active Reading!
Optimal Mental State for Reading!
Reading Check List!
Reading: Fast and Slow!
The Simple Story!
Reading Skills!
After Action Report
Accountability and Book Clubs!
Reading Recommendations!
Ask Me About Reading!
Reading Thank you!
Reading Quiz:
Reading Activities List:
Section 6 Skills Conclusion:


Pre-Lesson Questions:
Listening Introduction!
Active Listening!
Benefits and Rewards!
Components Introduction!
Listening 1-7
Listening 8-18
Listening 19-26
Real LIfe Listening!
Listening Exercises!
English Proficiency Tests!
Recap and Wrap!
Listening Quiz:
Listening Activities List:
Section 7 Skills Conclusion:


Pre-Lesson Questions:
Writing Welcome!
Certification Test Preparation!
Benefits and Why You Should Write!
Writing: Application and Use!
All the Basics!
Next Level Advanced!
The Big Mistakes!
Writing Tools!
Writing Wrap-up!
Writing Quiz:
Writing Activities List:
Section 8 Skills Conclusion:


Pre-Lesson Questions:
Speaking Introduction!
Mindset and Expectations!
The Need to Practice!
Content, Delivery, Results!
Where to Practice!
Speaker’s Checklist!
Job Interviews!
Public Speaking!
Speaking Wrap!
Speaking Quiz:
Speaking Activities List:
Section 9 Skills Conclusion:


Pre-Lesson Questions:
Pronunciation Introduction!
Your Voice!
Stress, Rhythm and Intonation!
Rules (and exceptions)!
The Alphabet!
Syllable Division!
Syllable Stress!
Rhyming Words!
Letter Combinations!
Silent Letters!
Pronunciation of “ed”!
Songs, Jingles & Tongue Twisters!
Lazy Tongue & Reductions!
Best Practices / How to Learn!
Pronunciation Parting Words!
Pronunciation Quiz:
Pronunciation Activities List:
Section 10 Skills Conclusion:

Learning Levels!

Pre-Lesson Questions:
Levels Introduction!
Levels Importance!
Levels Mindset!
Levels Metrics!
Find Your Level!
Class Levels!
Levels Timetable / Expectations!

Levels 1-2-3


Advanced Levels!

Levels Resources!
Levels Final!
Levels Quiz:
Levels Activities List:
Section 11, 12 and 13 Skills Conclusion:

Certification Tests

Pre-Lesson Questions:
Certification Introduction!
What are Proficiency Tests?
Test Types!
What a Certification Test Is (and isn’t)!
Who Requires a Test!
Why is a Test Required?
Who Needs the Test?
Why Get Certified?
Which Test is Best!
All the Steps / Short Version
English Skills Needed!
“Soft Skills” Needed
Financial Planning!
Pre-Study Steps!
Study & Learn!
Paid Preparation Courses!
Top Strategies!
Certification Mindset!
Time Management!
Sub Vocalization!
Word Families!
Questions are your Friends!
Process of Elimination!
Trial Tests!
Certification: Writing!
Essay Writing Introduction!
Essay Writing!
Test Day!
Receive Your Test Score!
Make It Pay!
Stay Current!
Certification Resources!
Certification Final!
Certification Quiz:
Certification Section Activities List:
Section 14 Skills Conclusion:

Obstacles and Solutions

Pre-Lesson Questions:
Obstacles Introduction
Learning to Learn!
Fear Part 1
Fear Part 2
A Simple Plan!
Obstacles and Solutions Quiz:
Solutions Activities List:
Section 15 Skills Conclusion:

Program Your Mind for Success Part 2

Pre-Lesson Questions:
Program Your Mind!
How The Human Mind Works!
Positive Thinking vs Positive Programming!
Programming Steps! Goals!
Programming Steps! Affirmations!
Programming Steps! Implanting!
Sandra’s Story!
What Now?
Bonus: Case File.
Program Your Mind for Maximum Benefits Quiz:
Program Your Mind for Maximum Benefit Activities List:
Section 16 Skills Conclusion:

Resources and Tools

Pre-Lesson Questions:
Tools Introduction!
Learning Mindset!
Notes & Lists!
Social Media!
Jobs and Career!
Guided Instruction!
Tools and Resources Final!
Tools and Resources Quiz:
Section Activities List:
Section 17 Skills Conclusion:


Time to fly!

Questions and Answers: FAQ’s

Questions and Answers Introduction and Process

Classroom Exercises:

Pre-Lesson Questions:
Class Room Demonstration Activities List:
Class Room Exercise #1
Section 20 Skills Conclusion:
The 10 Important Parts of Speech
Bonus Lecture