An introductory guide for beginners when buying and selling cryptocurrencies

What you will learn

Anyone who wants to avoid making the 5 most common mistakes people make

Anyone who wants to learn the 5 solutions to trading cryptocurrencies succesfully

Aquire the correct mindset for trading success

Understand the basics of the cryptocurrency world and why it is the hot right now



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Welcome to Cryptocurrency – What we will cover
What are Cryptocurrencies?
What are the advantages of Cryptocurrencies?
Why do cryptocurrencies blow so hot and cold?
Section 2 – What is Bitcoin and why is it so big?
What are Alternative coins and why are they worth trading?
Section 3 – What are the 5 most common mistakes?
What are the 5 solutions?
How to trade without a wallet
Ongoing support
BONUS Section 4 – How to prepare your mindset
BONUS – How does it work
Digital Currency Quiz