Slow and steady reading

What you will learn

Access the auto-scroll feature

Use night and day mode

Use the search feature

Access the different translations


In this course Deliberate Practice Sessions Reciting From Sikhitothemax, you will be provided with an introduction to the Sikhitothemax website and some of the key features such as how to use the

  • Search the Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji by Ang number,
  • Change the display features of this website such as aligning to the left or the centre,
  • Access the different Sikh prayers and bookmark the Ang that you were on,
  • Change the display options of translations such as the height of the font and also the source of the translations as well,
  • Enable and access the audio play feature of the Hukamnama,
  • Enable the auto-scroll feature where the page scrolls automatically,
  • Adjust the play speed of the auto-scroll feature,
  • Enable and disable night and day mode and using the AI search feature where you can ask a question or type in a key word

The method of instruction will be to model the reciting of the prayers in a slow deliberate practice method of a few stanzas from the Sukhmani Sahib prayer.

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I will repeat the words that I find challenging or that I have noticed that needs to be repeated for correction.

The chance will be available for you to pause and repeat the videos as well and feedback on my mistakes will be appreciated as well. I wish you well on your journey. There are more features to be discovered as well such as how to share a code so that you can access additional functions on your phone based on what is being displayed by the desktop application.




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