Cultivating a Gratitude Practice
Love Yourself with Gratitude

What you will learn

Wire up your brain for gratitude

Develop a gratitude practice

Feel worthy of gratitude

Get out and express gratitude


  • Bring the Power of Gratitude into Your Daily Life
  • Build a Gratitude Habit
  • Practice Your Attitude of Gratitude
  • Allow Gratitude to Make You Happy

This programs offers you videos, and activities that support you in creating a regular gratitude practice: Changing your mindset and bringing the positivity of gratitude into your life.

Program Lessons

Introduction to the Course
Lesson 1: Your Brain and Gratitude – So you can build neurons
Lesson 2: Spiritual Gratitude – To connect with your spirit.
Lesson 3: Gratitude Practice – Increase your gratitude skills
Lesson 4: Gratitude Visualization – Feel it on the level of your cells
Lesson 5: You Deserve Gratitude – Let an guilt go and embrace gratitude
Lesson 6: Expressing Gratitude – Spread that gratitude all over the place!

Are you ready to FEEL gratitude as a dominant emotion?

Don’t wait any longer to embrace the life you were meant to live.

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**Love Yourself Through Gratitude**

Each lesson contains a video and activity designed to integrate gratitude into your daily habits and life. There are only benefits to this program.

Make sure you have your journal and are ready to start cultivating self love.

Do these lessons at your own pace, but be sure to actually complete them. You signed up and you might as well get all the benefits!





Cultivating Gratitude

Gratitude and the Brain
Spiritual Gratitude
Gratitude Practice
Gratitude Visualization
You Deserve Gratitude
Expressing Gratitude

Bonus Lecture

Bonus Lecture