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Specifically tailored step by step for the Special Needs community whose hidden talents only needs uncovering

What you will learn

The students will learn how to create websites without knowing how to code using WIX.

You will learn all the steps required to fulfil the tasks to make a Professional level Website

The skills acquired will enable the participant to move on to make websites commercially based on their own creativity.


This Digital Tech training course is part of a series of various other classes made Specifically for Special Needs People.

The Special Needs people are mainly those who are Autistic, Dyslexic, having Down Syndrome, Asperger’s, Cerebral Palsy and various others.

The Special Needs people are known to have exceptional talents, which only need to be uncovered. However, once their hidden talents are tapped, they are capable of producing wonders.

Unfortunately, they are rarely given fair chances i.e. be it in schools, community or work place due to their ‘perceived’ limitations and inabilities. The Covid-19 situation has further narrowed their options to earn a living since there are more people now seeking jobs and alternative opportunities to earn a living.

Our main motive is to train them to enable to be self-sustainable and not to be dependent on any donations or handouts from anyone.

This class would be focusing on Creating professional standard Website with real ease, and it is paced for the special needs to follow slowly, step by step. The course teaches on doing the website building without even using any coding, it is made very user friendly, easy to understand, and a detailed user guide is provided, therefore, the students will not face any difficulties to follow through the lessons.

The participant will be able to master the website building techniques and go on to make Live website.

We have had a wonderful journey in training these special needs people throughout these years. It has been wonderful to see our students growing from Zero to Heroes.




Video lessons introducing Wix

Introduction to Wix

Creating a Wix Account

Choosing Templates in Wix

Lessons on Wix

User Interface Part 1

User Interface Part 2

User Interface Part 3

Adding Media Files

Adding and Resizing of a Strip

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Changing Background

Quiz 1

Managing and Reordering of Strips

Comparison between Desktop and Mobile Element

Working with Tool Features

Editing of Text in Wix

Adding Buttons to the Website

Adding Links to Buttons and Text

Adding an Anchor

Adding Social Media Links

Wix Upgrade/Premium Feature

Adding Products to the Website

Adding Apps to the Website

Favicon and SEO Feature

Publishing the Website

Quiz 2


Tutorial 1


Course Summary