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Navigating the Emotional and Practical Aftermath of a Layoff

What you will learn

Understanding Your Emotions

Rebuilding Your Future

Revitalize Your Job Search

Adapting in the Workplace

Continuous Growth


Course Description: Navigating the Emotional and Practical Aftermath of a Layoff

Losing your job can be a devastating and disorienting experience. This comprehensive course helps those affected by layoffs navigate the emotional impact while providing practical strategies for moving forward with confidence and resilience.

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Modules include:

  • Understanding Your Emotions: Learn to recognize and manage the complex range of emotions following a layoff, including grief, anger, and survivor’s guilt. Develop essential self-care strategies to promote your well-being during this time.
  • Rebuilding Your Future: Address financial concerns, rebuild your confidence, and create a proactive job search strategy. Learn to reframe your story with a focus on your skills and potential.
  • Revitalize Your Job Search: Define your ideal career path, craft a compelling resume that highlights your strengths, and develop powerful interview skills to showcase your value to potential employers.
  • Adapting in the Workplace: For those who remain after layoffs, learn strategies for navigating workplace changes, supporting colleagues, and building trust within a potentially altered team dynamic.
  • Continuous Growth: Develop a growth mindset essential for thriving in the evolving job market. Discover upskilling opportunities to stay relevant and cultivate the resilience needed for a future-ready workforce.

This course provides a supportive environment to process emotions, develop actionable plans, and become empowered for a successful career transition.



Processing the Emotional Impact of a Layoff

When the Floor Falls Out: Recognizing Emotions After a Layoff
It’s Not Your Fault: Understanding and Managing Survivor’s Guilt
Taking Charge of Your Well-Being: Self-Care Strategies During Uncertainty

Strategies for Moving Forward

From Paycheck to Plan: Understanding Your Finances After a Layoff
Rebuilding Your Confidence: From Layoff to Launchpad
The Power of “Yet”: Reframing Your Job Search Narrative
Quiz on Sections-1&2

Launching Your Job Search

Target Acquired: Identifying Your Dream Job and Ideal Company
Resume Remix: Highlighting Your Strengths for a New Beginning
Interview Ace: Mastering the Art of Powerful Communication

Adapting and Rebuilding in the Workplace (For Those Who Remain)

When the Team Shrinks: Managing Change and Supporting Morale After Layoffs
Communication is Key: Building Trust and Transparency in a Changing Workplace
Embrace the Unknown: Fostering Adaptability and Resilience in Your Team
Quiz on Section-3 & 4

Fostering a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Growth Mindset: Learning to Thrive in a Changing Job Market
Upskilling for Success: Identifying Opportunities for Professional Growth
Building a Future-Proof Workforce: Embracing Continuous Improvement

Networking and Building Your Support System

The Power of Connection: Leveraging Your Network for Support and Leads
Strategic Networking: Building New Relationships to Expand Opportunities
Finding Your Cheerleaders: Nurturing the Support System You Need

Overcoming Obstacles and Staying Motivated

When the Search Gets Tough: Dealing with Rejection and Setbacks
The Motivation Mindset: Staying Positive and Focused on the Long Game
It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint: Pacing Yourself for a Successful Transition
Quiz on Sections-5,6 & 7