The easiest way to learn Python in-depth and build complex, scalable programs!

What you will learn

You will learn to create professional real-world programs in Python the ultimate OOP way!

Learn how to plan your Python programs before writing them!

Learn and apply proper design principles when programming in Python!

Learn to troubleshoot code issues using debuggers!

Get a deep understanding of how Python works under the hood!

Learn to write highly organized modular code!

You will build large real-world Python applications.


On successful completion of the course, you will be able to program in the professional object-oriented programming (OOP) paradigm in Python, which allows you to start your programmer career. All professional Python programmers develop applications the OOP way. You, too, will be able to write complex, scalable programs in Python on completion of this course.

The course follows a practical approach where students learn by actively problem-solving towards the tangible goal of creating real-world Python programs. The course covers real-world Python programs that you will develop using the object-oriented programming (OOP) paradigm.

Apart from learning Python, in this course, students also learn to use all the necessary tools and techniques they need to become a professional Python programmer. These are software design principles, writing highly organized code, code planning, code refactoring, SQL databases, and more.

We designed this course for both absolute and non-absolute beginners. However, if you are an intermediate who knows Python well, you may still benefit from the course because it covers some advanced Python and programming concepts that you will hardly find anywhere else. Advanced concepts, such as abstract classes, class methods, composition, refactoring, etc., will be comprehensively covered and practiced in the course.

Do I need previous experience with other programming languages to take this course?

No. In fact, in this course, you will not merely learn Python syntax. You will understand Python from the inside-out from the computer science perspective so that you will have a deeper understanding of how programming works.




Introduction of scripting

Scripting and types of Scripting languages

Difference between scripting and programming language

Explanation of Programming language paradigm

Programming language paradigm

Introduction of Python

History of python

Python file extensions

Explanation of Python script

Python script mode

About Python

Characteristics and features of python

Python comments

IDE and Debugging

Pycharm IDE

Debugging python code

Explanation of Variables

Python Variables

Explanation of python code(or) statement

Python Datatypes

Python Numerical Datatypes

Python Literals

Python Binary,octa,Hexa decimal literals

Explanation of order of operations

Order of operations

Python MATH module

Python MATH module

Python MATH module part-2

Explanation of Number type conversions

Number type conversions in python

Python String Operations

Python String operations

Special characters in strings

String Indices in python

Updating Strings in python

String Formatting operator in Python

Python Identifiers

Structuring with Indentation in Python

String Library in Python

Max method in Python

Split method in Python

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Datastructures in python



Types of Datastructures

Datastructures in python

Lists in Python

Lists Implementation in python

Tuples in python

Set in python

Python Dictionaries

Working with Python Lists

Basic operations on Lists

Accessing elements from Lists

Pre-defined methods of Lists

Python Enumerate method

Working with Tuple

Pre-defined methods of Tuple

Built-in functions of Tuple

Working with set

Iterating sets using for loop

Working with python Dictionaries

Python Operators

Operators in Python

Arithmetic operators in python

Comparison operators in python

Assignment operators in Python

Logical operators in python

Special operators in python

Python Bitwise and operator

Python Bitwise or operator

Python Bitwise XOR Operator

Bitwise compliment operator

Binary Left shift and Right shift operators

Working with Range function

Range function in Python

Example of Range function

Functions in Python

Types of functions in Python

Defining and calling a function in python

Python module

Working with Python module

OOPS IN Python

OOPS in python

Class,object,method in python

Inheritance in python

Abstraction in OOPS Python

Example of Abstract class,method in python

Working with Multi-threading

Multi-threading in python

Example of Multi-threading

Working with Access specifiers

Working with Access Specifiers in Python

Python errors

Working with Python errors