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Process Mapping, Process Flowchart Certification. Process Mapping, Flowcharts For Project Management Professionals

You will learn valuable project management skills, applicable in any project, in any sector.

You will be able to add a very useful and highly demanded skill on your resume/CV without wasting much time, thanks to our efficient didactic method.

You will learn to read and create process maps / flow charts by hand and with free software like a professional.

You will be able to demonstrate your process map / flow chart proficiency with a certificate.


  • There are no requirements to start. All you need is about 1.5 hours and we upgrade your skills substantially.


Note: Optional and free BKO accredited certification by SSAA (Six Sigma Academy Amsterdam) is part of this course.

Certified Process Flowcharts, Process Mapping Expert. BKO Accredited

In project management, process mapping (also known as flowcharts or flow charting) is considered to be a very important key skill. Those who master this skill and can make a process map, can play a key role in projects by creating, manipulating and interpreting processes by means of process mapping/flow charting.

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This course is taught by qualified university lecturers from Holland, UK and Austria (BKO accredited and our certificate is globally accepted).

We will do the following during the course:

  • Learn to read a process map / flowchart.
  • Learn how to create a process map / flowchart.
  • Learn the benefits of a process map / flowchart.
  • Learn how to obtain high quality data for your process map/flowchart.
  • Learn the contrast between BPMN and classic process map / flowchart.

We have trained and certified around 150,000 people worldwide in almost 180 countries with the following formula:

  • Keep things efficient by using tested, effective examples that are understood quickly.
  • Keep the lessons practical. What you learn is what you can apply immediately.
  • Keep the lessons engaging. We toss some fun elements in between the course (within limits).
  • Use plain and simple language and teaching approach that makes complicated content very very easy to absorb. We are so confident that all of you will be able to keep up, that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

We would be so happy if you joined our course.


Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is involved in projects. This includes all managers, all auditors, all engineers, almost everyone who works in IT etc.