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What you will learn

Discover the latest features now available with Canva 3.0

Learn the fundamentals of Canva & graphic design while having fun

Build a strong brand identity & a brand style guide for your business

Discover how to make a positive first impression with all your designs

Use Canva to create 20+ visuals you need to promote your business


All of us love good designs, and that comes to us naturally. We love beautiful things and beautiful designs are no different.

Another unique thing about all of us is that at some point we have tried designing using PowerPoint, the paint tool, or others but failed to come with designs that we liked. At least this was the case with me and I have come a long way since then. I love designs but not being from a design background, it was really difficult. Canva made everything easy.

Canva comes to our rescue. Not only if you are doing some basic designs for yourself but even for professionals. No matter what stage you are in or what profession/business you are in, Canva is for all. A freelancer, a business owner, a design agency, a digital marketing agency, social media firm, video editor, YouTubers etc. You name it and it can be used by all.

I’m sure you want to learn the latest cool things you can do with Canva right? If you do, you are in the right place!

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This course is your one-stop-shop if you want to learn how to get started with Canva but also start building your visual brand.

Some of the features we’ll talk about in the course include: publishing your designs directly on social media from Canva, Scheduling social media posts from Canva, creating Youtube Thumbnails, Editing Videos, and more.

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Hierarchy : Basic Design Principles 1

Starting Up

An intro
How to design visiting card
How to design a logo
Unlimited Content in Pro
How to prepare branding guideline document
Collaborate with Team Members

Videos & Animations

An Intro
Start with editing videos (without template)
How to create REELS, SHORTS and Tiktoks (without Template)

Social Media Setup

How to make a Profile Picture
How to design Social Media Posts
How to design Youtube Thumbnails

Business Utilities

How to design Invoices
How to Present a Presentation
How to design Newsletter

Working with Presentations

Getting started with Presentations
Adding charts and graphs