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How to publish your way to becoming an Influential Expert in your Field?

What you will learn

How to leverage the power of writing and publishing to propagate one’s ideas.

How to get recognized for your unique ideas and contributions.

How to communicate and share your thoughts and ideas with like-minded leaders.

Learn the ideas and techniques that will help you become an expert in your field.

Learn the know hows of becoming a creative individual.

How to leverage the power and importance of media to find followers.

How to develop humility and patience and aspire to serve the greater good.

Learn to get to where you want to be through effective goal setting.


Have you always wanted to have or own a voice for the wonderful contributions you make in the world?

Have you always aspired to become an expert in your field?

If you answered yes to these questions–

Rest assured, you’re in the right place.

I’m Dr. Ujjwal Bikram Khadka. I’m a medical doctor, certified Executive Coach, and a best-selling author. My articles and book excerpts have been published in magazines like People Matters Magazine (online), SightsIn Plus, The Kathmandu Post, Annanote, and Kathmandu Tribune, among others.

In this course, I will teach you a framework for building thought leadership. The framework will help you align your goals with your undertakings and outcomes. You will, in the process, learn the importance of creativity, communication, ethics, and humility. You will also learn how thought leadership does not happen in a vacuum and that “building a following of like-minded leaders” is the starting goal. And yet you will understand and acknowledge that it—building a following—alone isn’t your “greater goal”, but “inspiring others through your influence and authority” is.

In this course I will also share my own case study: of how my own research into and reading and practicing of “thought leaders and their works” helped me become one. And I want to pass that “knowledge and insight” to help you get to “where you want to be”. I will elaborate and explain in detail how that is possible.

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You will also learn how to create, publish and share your writings, audios and TV appearances to harness the notion which is: sharing “builds your reputation and impact  and propagates thought leadership.”

We will also discuss the power and importance of general leadership and creativity in fostering one’s “thought leadership potential”.






The Thought Leadership Model

The Thought Leadership model.

Creativity as a tool.

Leveraging the power of creativity to harness thought leadership.

Section 4: Learning Thought Leadership through coaching.

Learning Thought Leadership through Coaching.

Section 5: My Story and How I Employed Thought Leadership Principles.

My own Case Study.