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Learn the secret art to resist temptations and avoid distractions through the Power of Discipline

What you will learn

Mastering 5 Senses to control your mind, and hence, Life

Train your mind in a disciplined way to avoid restless behaviors, and beat procrastination

10 Easy Strategies to build unbreakable discipline

Willpower and how to effective harness it

Conquer Insurmountable Odds and achieve goals


Many people struggle with discipline in many ways and for multiple reasons.

Do you struggle with:

Mindless Streaming on Social Media?

Poor Eating Habits?

Wasting Time?


Getting Yourself to Exercise?

Finishing what you start?

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Resisting temptations?

Do you sometimes feel like life isn’t under your control and it’s difficult for you to even control the actions you don’t want to do? If yes, you’re in the company of a good many people who feel the exact way!!

Many of them who face challenges and struggles feel like they are weak or lazy, but in reality, this feeling makes you struggle more and sets you up in an endless cycle of pain.

Truth be told, we all go through these challenges every day but because we have not learnt the technique to discipline us, to control our mind the way we want, we fall to temptations and we end up circling ourselves in pain, regrets and unaccomplished success.

That’s why I designed this self-discipline and self-control masterclass, that will help you:

  • Understand the biological basis of self-discipline
  • Train your mind in a disciplined way to avoid restless behaviours, and beat procrastination
  • Conquer Insurmountable Odds and achieve goals
  • Redefine Lust to put you on your goals
  • Willpower and how to effectively harness it
  • Mastering your 5 Senses to build discipline
  • 10 Easy Strategies to build unbreakable discipline
  • Enemies of Self-Discipline
  • Tests of Self-Control to resist temptations
  • Principles of Delayed Gratification

The best part, as they say, “Motivation gets you going but discipline keeps you growing” and through this masterclass, I have given ways that are super easy to develop discipline step by step to maximize human potential.

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s deep dive into learning the superpower of discipline to power our lives and to control our lives the way we want to!!




Why discipline is super important Now?
The Biological Basis of Self-Discipline
The Two Voices
The Budgeted Willpower: Use it Wisely
Lust Redefined
Test of Self-Control

10 Strategies to Build Discipline

Strategy 1 : Controlling the Indriyas
Strategy 2 :The 10 Min Rule
Strategy 3 :Urge Surfing
Strategy 4: Environment Design
Strategy 5: Delayed Gratification
Strategy 6: The 40% Rule
Strategy 7: Goal Proximity
Strategy 8: Parkinson’s Law
Strategy 9: Finish What you start
Strategy 10: Meditation

The Necessities to know

Questions to Ask
Enemies of self-discipline
Conclusion : Final Few Bits