Learning to code through project based experiences.

What you will learn

Basic HTML, CSS, and Javascript


In this course we will build a single page website using the standard web development languages HTML, CSS, and Javascript.  This course will allow you to learn how HTML, CSS, and Javascript work together to create the frontend of a website.  Through building a project in this course, you will gain experience in using web languages to help you meet your goals in learning to code for the web.  This course cuts through all of the long lectures and just jumps right in to building a web page.  If you’re the type of learner who learns best through experience and through doing, then this course will be a perfect introduction to HTML, CSS, and Javascript.






Downloading and Installing the Necessary Tools

Setting Up the Project

Let’s Create the HTML for Our Site

Building the Main HTML Structure

Building the Header

Creating a Hero Image

Build the Our Story Section

Building the Gallery

Building the Upcoming Events Section

Building the Contact Section

Build the Footer

Comments & HTML Wrap Up

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Let’s Style The Page

Find a Solid CSS Reset Style Sheet

Setting Some Base Styles

Styling the Header

Styling the Hero Image Section

Styling the Back to Top Button

Styling the Our Story Section

Styling the Gallery

Styling the Upcoming Events

Styling the Contact Form

Styling the Footer


Adding Some Simple Javascript Functionality

Wrapping Up