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Mastering servant leadership, transforming the organization and driving it towards success

What you will learn

Understand the fundamentals of Agile leadership and its impact

Differentiate between traditional and Agile leadership styles

Identify the key characteristics of an Agile leader

Learn the importance of empathy in Agile leadership

Master the art of active listening for better team dynamics

Develop strategies for fostering a growth mindset within teams

Explore techniques for effective conflict resolution

Gain insights into building and maintaining high-performing teams

Discover how to lead without authority through influence

Implement Agile practices for continuous improvement and innovation

Cultivate a culture of transparency and trust within teams

Learn to adapt leadership style to different team needs and situations

Master decision-making processes in an Agile environment

Explore strategies for managing change and leading through transitions

Understand how to measure and demonstrate the impact of Agile leadership

Learn to prioritize tasks and manage time effectively in a dynamic environment

Develop personal resilience to lead effectively through challenges

Gain techniques for personal reflection and continuous leadership growth


Unlock the Power of Agile Leadership and Propel Your Career to New Heights!

In today’s rapidly evolving job market, the demand for leaders who can navigate change, inspire teams, and drive innovation has never been higher. Agile leaders stand out as invaluable assets, capable of steering organizations towards unparalleled success. This comprehensive course is your key to not just joining the ranks of sought-after Agile leaders but becoming a pioneer in shaping the future of leadership.

Why Choose This Course?

  • Future-Proof Your Career: Agile leadership is not just a skill but a transformative mindset that makes you indispensable in any professional setting. By mastering Agile leadership, you’re not just advancing your career; you’re securing it.
  • Hands-On Learning Experience: I believe that true leadership prowess is honed through practice. This course is packed with actionable strategies, real-world scenarios, and exercises designed to integrate Agile leadership skills into your daily life seamlessly.
  • Versatile Learning for All Levels: Whether you’re a seasoned leader aiming to refine your approach for Agile environments or an aspiring leader gearing up for your first leadership role, this course tailors to every stage of your professional journey.

Course Highlights:

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  • Comprehensive Agile Leadership Curriculum: Explore everything from Agile principles and mindset to practical strategies for enhancing team dynamics and fostering innovation.
  • Practical Work & Personalized Tips: Immerse yourself in practical exercises and receive advice on applying Agile leadership techniques in your routine for continual improvement and adaptation.
  • Knowledge Tests: Validate your learning and understanding through rigorous knowledge tests designed to challenge and solidify your grasp of Agile leadership concepts.
  • Certificate of Completion: Achieve a certificate of completion as a testament to your commitment and expertise in Agile Leadership, enhancing your professional portfolio.
  • LinkedIn Skills Endorsement: Upon completing the course, gain the ability to showcase your newly acquired Agile leadership skills on LinkedIn with an endorsement, increasing your visibility and appeal to potential employers.

By the end of this course, you’ll have gained not only a profound understanding of Agile leadership but also practical skills to drive team performance, nurture innovation, and lead with agility and confidence.

Don’t miss the chance to elevate your leadership capabilities and secure a leading edge in the future of work. Enroll in “Becoming an Agile Leader” today and embark on your journey to leadership transformation.

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Your role as an Agile Leader

Module 1 overview
[Activity] Self-assessment
Who is an Agile leader?
Why do you need to become an Agile leader?
Why is now the best time to become an Agile leader?
Preparing for your journey
About the next assignment
Receiving feedback
Understanding Agile
Agile leadership foundations
Key components of Agile leadership

Your role in Agile processes

Module 2 overview
Building blocks of Agile frameworks
Understanding Scrum
Understanding Kanban
[Quiz] Agile Basics, Scrum and Kanban
Understanding customers
Understanding product planning
Dealing with different roles in Agile organization
Participating in Agile ceremonies
How to increase productivity
How to prioritize work
Two types of Agile Leaders
Bringing extra value to the team
Bringing extra value to the organization

Becoming a servant leader

Module 3 overview
Principles of servant leadership
How servant leaders work with Agile teams
Active listening
Fixed vs. growth mindset
Practicing stewardship
Challenges of servant leadership
Your path to servant leadership
Module 3 quiz
Module 3 summary

Transforming the organization

Module 4 overview
Driving the change
Starting small
Elements of Agile transformation
Leadership role in Agile transformation
Changing organizational structure
Different approaches to Agile transformation
Module 4 quiz
Module 4 summary

Leading the organization

Module 5 overview
Strategic planning and goal setting
Objectives and key results
Financial planning
Performance management
Contribution models
Where to start?
Module 5 quiz
Module 5 summary

Coaching and mentoring

Module 6 overview
What is coaching and mentoring?
Principles of coaching
How to be a good mentor
How to give feedback
Coaching your team for success
Dealing with difficult individuals
Module 6 quiz
Module 6 summary


Module 7 overview
How to find the right company
How to nail your interview
Final words