Android Development NDK: C++ , FFMPEG , google oboe

What you will learn

You will learn about Android NDK development with C/C++. I will teach you about FFMPEG, Google Oboe and how to apply face filter like instagram and snapchat Apps.


A complete  course on Android App Development using Android NDK

In this course, you are going to learn about android NDK development. After enrolling and watching the whole course you will able to develop android apps with C/C++. I will introduce some famous libraries in this course, like FFMPEG, Google Obeo and Banuba SDK.
So you can develop apps like snap chat, Instagram and tik talk filter features in your app and with the help of FFMPEG, you will be able to develop video and audio editing apps.




NDK Introduction

What is NDK and why to use it?

NDK contents and structure

What is CMake Android Build Script

What is JNI ( Java Native Interface )?

Installing the Native Development Kit (NDK)

Writing a Hello-world Android NDK Program

Getting Started with NDK

Calling JNI methods in Java

NDK Sample App

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FFMPEG with Android

Introduction FFMPEG

FFMPEG Compression

FFMPEG Conversion Video to Audio

FFMPEG Video Stacking

FFMPEG WaterMark Effect

FFMPEG Effects (Fade in and Fade out)

Android Google Oboe Tutorial

Introduction Google Oboe

Google Oboe Code Walk

Banuba SDK with Android

Introduction Banuba SDK

Banuba SDK Tutorial