Building Android applications

What you will learn

You will learn the basics of building machine learning models

You will learn the basics of Android Studio and how to use it in building applications

You will learn the basics of the Kotlin and python languages

You will learn about MLkit library and how do you use it to build AI apps


In this course, you will learn how to build Android applications and also learn about MLkit to use artificial intelligen in your application . Here we will make three applications , all of which use mlkit . You do not need strong experience in programming or artificial intelligence and machine learning , just a simple experience where we will explain from scratch . In each section you will find its own code . The most important thing is that you apply every example we take in practice to do this, you must download the Android studio program In the course, we will talk a little about Python and how to train models after that we will use Android studio to build applications . we will use kotlin to build these applications . We will also learn how to design the user interface to our app . The first application will be about classifying the state of the eye, whether it is closed or open the second application will be about how to identify the contents of images the last application will be about identifying objects in any imageEach one of these applications will teach you a lot of things and techniques that you can use elsewhere, for example uploading images or taking photos, in addition to learning the mlkit library.

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Introduction about machine learning
lecture test

Solve handwritten digits classification task using ML

Build and train your model
lecture test

Building your first app

Building Eye state classification app
lecture test

Building your second app

Building image labeling application
lecture test

Building your third app

Introduction about object detection
lecture test
upload images & take a photo using your camera
building object detection app
Object detection & image labeling
lecture test