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Embedding Agility: Mindset, Frameworks, Tools, Finances, HR, Org Design & Beyond

What you will learn

Initiate Agile: Begin your corporate Agile transformation journey

Align & Plan: Strategize and ensure organizational alignment for Agile transformation

Drive with Work Streams: Set up and leverage work streams to steer Agile changes

Framework Fit: Choose and tailor the ideal Agile framework for large-scale orgs

Pilot Agile: Strategically plan and launch Agile test pilots

Agile Architecture: Modify your organizational structure to fit Agile ideals

Team Selection: Handpick individuals suited for every Agile role

Capability Crafting: Design a comprehensive capability enhancement plan

Revamp Planning: Overhaul organizational and financial planning for Agile

Performance Redesign: Innovate your approach to performance management

Lead the Leaders: Coach and mentor your leadership for Agile success

Toolbox Transformation: Discover and introduce essential tools for Agile transition

Organizational Overhaul: Plan and roll out a total Agile organizational shift

Measure Mastery: Evaluate and celebrate the successes of your Agile transformation


Facing the Agile Puzzle?

More companies are turning to Agile every day. It promises so much – speed, adaptability, a customer-first approach. But let’s be real: transforming your ways of working is not a walk in the park. Many things can and probably will go wrong during Agile transformation if you have never done it before and are hoping to wing it.

What if You Had a Map?

I’ve designed this course to be that very map for you. Here, we’ll journey beyond just selecting a framework. Together, we’ll chart a course through setting crystal-clear goals, evolving organizational structures, empowering leadership, re-envisioning performance metrics, refining planning processes, and sidestepping common pitfalls.

Hi, I’m Masha, your instructor

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I’m the founder of Agile Apothecary and an enterprise Agile coach. My experiences span a variety of industries, from IT and retail to banking and manufacturing, across continents – be it the US, Japan, Australia, and more. With this rich tapestry of experiences, I aim to guide you through each intricate step of the Agile transformation.

Who Is This Course For?

If you’re a part of the middle to top-tier management, an entrepreneur, or an Agile coach, you’ll find this course invaluable.

Ready to make Agile work for you? Dive in and let’s transform together!



Introduction to Agile Transformation

About this course and your instructor
Defining Agile and Business Agility
Purpose of Agile transformation
Key elements of Agile transformation

Before You Start: How to Build Alignment and Identify Goals

Important questions to ask before going into transformation
Setting the goals and measuring success
Leadership commitment
Capability building approach
Steering Committee and work streams

Deciding on Agile Framework

About Agile frameworks at scale
How to choose a framework
“Spotify model” – what is it?
Common challenges

Running Pilots

What are pilots and why do you need them?
How to select teams for pilots
Setting up pilots for success
Applying learnings from pilots
Common challenges

Changing the Organizational Structure

Functional teams, cross-functional teams, back office
Difference between product and project team
Defining customer and business value
Inventory and org planning
Tribes, Squad, Chapters, CoEs – what do you need them for?
Common challenges

Selecting People

Tribe Lead – selection criteria
Chapter Lead – selection criteria
Product Owner – selection criteria
Scrum Master or Agile Coach?
Common challenges

Building Capabilities

Common principles
Defining the timeline
Key capabilities for leadership roles
Key capabilities for Product Owner
Key capabilities for Scrum Master/Agile Coach
Key capabilities for team members
Success criteria
Common challenges

Setting Goals and Planning

About Agile planning principles and OKRs
Bottom up and top down planning approaches
Quarterly planning process
Financial planning
Dependencies management
Common challenges

Performance management

Why does this need to change?
T-shaped professionals – what does it really mean?
Understanding contribution models
Designing career paths and contribution models
360 review principles and challenges
Common challenges


Principles of servant leadership
Making the leadership change
Building psychological safety
About vulnerability
Giving and receiving feedback

Tools and Infrastructure

Working space
Work management
Sharing information
Reducing bureaucracy

Day X

Different approaches to org change
Planning and running bootcamps
How to keep track
When to let go
A few words about the baseline


What’s next?