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A Complete Time Management Mastery course designed to take control of your time and increase your result.

What you will learn

Identify and create a personal plan that leads your most productive self

Build a personalised time hack system

Efficiently Prioritise your minutes to make sure you are working in right system

Discover Why you have not been productive at your fullest as you could be and develop a plan to improve it

Achieve Targets you never thought were possible with the flow

Practical Exercises for managing focus


Time…..the most scarce resource of life. Whatever job you do, you feel scarcity of only one thing i.e time. This scarcity does not differentiate rich or poor, black or white, tall or short, it’s equal for everyone.

Even the most powerful person on earth has faced this scarcity.

In This Course I’ll Teach You:

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  • How to have Time Freedom. When you have time freedom you can focus your time on setting and achieving the biggest goal.
  • How to prioritize your lifetime via 8+8+8 Rule
  • How to achieve the highest level of productivity.
  • How to increase your energy. Increased energy helps you focus on your most important work.
  • The benefits of time management include greater clarity, greater capability, and greater confidence.

You’ll learn from Gemma Study to Anatomy of Time, from core scientific concepts of circadian rhythms and its effect on Suprachiasmatic nucleus(SCN) to practical approaches of best time management strategies.

We will be covering both scientific and practical approaches to time management. Starting with the anatomy of time will put some focus on how your habits and hobbies impact your daily routines, will cover the practicality of all the theories of time management, most important and most exciting will be the guide of time management that we will share with you. This guide will be the crux of complete-time management.

If you are a student, this guide will help you to achieve success in studies, if working in corporate sector, then this guide will the defining factor for your success. For businessmen, this guide will be the path for growth. Or be in any field this guide will be the time manager of the successful life.



Time – A golden nugget to encash


Golden Time – Connecting the Dots

Crack the Golden Time

Anatomy of Time

Understand Time and its Anatomy
Brain as the Storekeeper of Time
Co-relation between Body Clock, Rhythm and Time
24-hour Body Clock moment and impact of Circadian Rhythms
Impact of Circadian Rhythms on Body, Mind and Time
Importance of One Second
24 Hours of the Day

Productivity Hobbies & Habits

Habits for Rythmic Control
Hobbies the Life Changer
Hobbies or Leisure – What will change your life
Hobbies a tool to enhance Productivity

Inner Engineering for Time Management

Social Media Taboos
Excessive Planning a Jeopardy
Being disorganised Kills Time
Multi Tasking A Myth

Time Management Concepts

80:20 Principle Pareto Analysis
Eisenhower Matrix – The game changing Isometric Rule
4D Theory
Time Periodic Table
The cheese flair of Time – Swiss Cheese Method

DYD Theory

Motive is to Manage Time
Prioritise your Priorities
Planning: The Blueprints of Time Management
Critical for Management
Performance: That speeds the Speedsters