Learn Selenium from scratch and build Test Automation framework with minimum set of tools: Java, Gradle, JUnit, Selenium

What you will learn

β˜‘ Selenium basics

β˜‘ Selenium in Java

β˜‘ Selenium Waits

β˜‘ Page Object concept

β˜‘ Web Component concept

β˜‘ Data Transfer Object concept

β˜‘ JUnit 4 basics

β˜‘ JUnit 5 basics

β˜‘ Gradle basics


Some of you may ask a question like: β€œWhy should I select this course, instead of learning Selenium by myself?”

So, what is extremely cool about this course?

You won’t learn just theory.

You will have practical technical tasks to implement real test applications.

You won’t need to search for answers to your questions on Google, because you can’t understand lessons or homework.

Everything is in here. In one place. In this training course.

This guarantees you that this training course will save a lot of your time.

If you would start learning Selenium by yourself you would notice that on the internet there is a lot of directions to learn Selenium, a lot of different specific topics to learn, which are not applicable on most projects. So, you have to experiment with all the possible solutions to find out which one is the best for you.

In this training course, you will discover Selenium from the very beginning.
What I suggest to you, is a training course, where step by step, with detailed homework program, with practical tasks, with a thorough review of each practical task solution we will learn Selenium together.

This program will give you enough knowledge to get your first job and be able to implement a test automation application in Selenium.






Selenium simple application

Setup simple application

Setup simple application – Home Task

First Selenium test with JUnit

JUnit 4 Assertions

JUnit 4 Assertions – Home Task

First test in JUnit 5

First test in JUnit 5 – Home Task

Waits in Selenium – overview

Implicit waits – overview

Explicit waits – overview

Test Automation Patterns – overview

Page Object

Page Object – Home Task

Web Component

Web Component – Home Task

Data Transfer Object

Data Transfer Object – Home Task

Run tests via Command Line

Run tests via Command Line

Run tests via Command Line – Home Task

Final Tests

Final Test