Take your first step to becoming a great engineering manager

What you will learn

What you need to focus on as a new manager

Learn to manage your team and what to ask in 1:1s

Get to know the business and your critical customers

How to define your role for yourself, your team, and organization

Understanding and setting expectations for your role

What is imposter syndrome and how to combat it


So you got the job of a manager – what do you do and where do you start?
Most companies don’t have training programs for managers, or for people who want to move into management.

This course will help put you on the right path – we outline what to do for your first 90 days as an engineering manager. We will walk you through the most important parts of your role you should focus on, and how you should get started.

What we cover:

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  • Welcoming you to management
  • How your role is different as a manager
  • Setting broader context for management roles
  • Where to start focusing
  • Getting to know your team
  • What to ask about in your 1:1’s
  • Common 1:1 mistakes
  • Digging into team conversations
  • Dealing with team fears and apprehensions
  • How to create a feeling of safety in your team
  • Meeting the organization / business
  • Meeting the customer
  • Understanding expectations of a manager
  • Defining your own role
  • The imposter syndrome
  • How to combat the imposter syndrome

Please leave a review and let us know what you think. We would also love to hear your own ideas and suggestions for how we can improve it. We plan to update this course in 2022 based on student suggestions and feedback – so please tell us what you would like to see!



Intro Video: Your First 90 Days as an Engineering Manager
Meet your instructors
Welcome to Management
What is your role now
Key areas to focus on
Plan your approach
Learning Your Team
Starting to get to know your team
Tactical questions for 1:1
Getting to know your team and team member
Team fears and apprehensions
Additional fears and apprehensions
Let your team get to know you
Why psychological safety matters
Digging into team conversations
Talk openly with your team
Avoiding common 1:1 mistakes
Review your team’s technical skills
Review your team’s technical skills
Review your team’s setup and workflow
Tread lightly and strategically
Meet your organization and customers
Meet the business
Meet the business part 2
Meet the business part 3
Get to know your customers
Understanding expectations and defining your role
Understanding expectations: Team, Peers, Manager
Understanding expectations: Leadership and organizational
Defining your role for yourself
How do you start defining your role
Additional Considerations
How do you define your role for yourself
What is imposter syndrome?
Combating imposter syndrome
Identifying your next steps
Thanks for attending!