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In this course you are gooing to learn a lot about video editing for other people

What you will learn

Edit videos for others

How does a video editing request look like

Avoid getting scammed

What does editing a music video timeline look like

Get an Idea of whats coming if you’re planning to work as a video editor


Take a look at how I edit videos for my clients in real-life situations , because this is the best way to learn how to apply your knowledge of video editing.

This course is not suitable for beginners who want to learn how to edit videos , If you want to have a sense of what’s coming, you can still watch

My purpose for creating this course is to assist those who are familiar with editing but have not yet produced videos for others.

I wanted to give you an idea of how it’s done and the feeling of collaborating with others to bring their vision to reality , as it’s important to watch other people work, so I hope you learn something new.

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In the course, I also mentioned the presets and plugins for Adobe Premier that you can use to get prepared and confident for your next project.

There are no projects available for you on this one.All you need to do is watch, pay attention, and have a good time and by simply watching and implementing the knowledge in your own projects, you can learn a lot.

In this course you are gonna learn a lot about video editing for other people, by watching me make some tiktoks, footage collect work, cat memes, music video and even a Fortnite montage



Edits for Clients

Tiktoks for a football creator
Footage collector
Cat memes and compilation
Music video
Edit project template
Fortnite montage Style
Animation historical style
Motion graphics based Iman Gadzhi style
How I edited the course


How to not get scammed