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What you will learn

Voice of the customer

VOC tools

Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma Tools



Focus Groups


Understanding your customer is VITAL if you are to continue to provide them with a service or product that satisfies their needs and requirements. In an increasingly competitive and innovative marketplace, those companies that do not put their customers front and centre of their improvement efforts will be the ones left behind and, ultimately, won’t be in the marketplace in the future. How can you improve your customer journey, your customer experience and how your customer views your products and service if you do not know what they are thinking?

In this course, we come at this from 2 angles. Firstly, identify how you can get customer data in front of you to start with.Β Secondly, what to do with that customer data once you have it. It is all about mapping this data, tracking it, cutting it up into segments etc. so you are truly aware of what your customer is thinking. We will cover the following:

– What is Lean Six Sigma?

– What does the concept “Voice of the Customer” actually mean?

– Customer segmentation tool.

– Types and sources of customer data tool.

– Interviews tool.

– Point of use observation tool.

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– Focus groups tool.

– Surveys tool.

– Kano Analysis tool.

– Critical to Quality Tree tool.

We will explore what these tools are, how to conduct them and for those with which it can be applied, give LIVE demonstrations of how these tools work in practice.

At the end of this course you will understand clearly how to source data from your customers and what to do with this data for the benefit of your improvement efforts.




What is the purpose of this course?

Lean Six Sigma: An overview

What is Lean Six Sigma?
What are the benefits of LSS & the toolkit?
Scenario to be used to explore the tools

Voice of the Customer tools

Introduction to Voice of the Customer
Customer Segmentation
Customer Segmentation: Demonstration
Types and sources of customer data
Point of use observation
Focus groups
Kano Analysis
Kano Analysis: Demonstration
Critical to quality tree
Critical to quality tree: Demonstration

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