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Proactively Address Challenges | Seize Opportunities | Grow

What you will learn

What is vigilant leadership

What are the characteristics of leadership

What are the different styles of leadership

How vigilant leadership differs from other leadership styles

Why do you need vigilant leadership

What are the core skills of vigilant leaders

How to improve situational awareness

How to become more curious

What to act and take decisions with limited information

What is the best example of vigilant leadership in real life

Why take this course?

Welcome to the world of vigilant leadership! If you’re ready to proactively address challenges, seize opportunities, and become a more adaptable leader in our unpredictable VUCA (volatile uncertain complex ambiguous) world, this course is for you.

We’ll start by defining the core characteristics that set vigilant leaders apart. You’ll learn how they scan the horizon for threats and opportunities, embrace curiosity, and act decisively even with incomplete information. We’ll dispel the myth that leaders must always know it all!

Through real-world examples, we’ll examine how vigilant leadership has driven innovation and success for companies, organizations, and even entire nations. You’ll see how this style differs from transactional, transformational, and passive approaches to leadership.

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Next, we’ll dive into the specific skills of vigilant leaders, including utilizing the OODA Loop for effective decision-making. You’ll develop techniques to boost your curiosity, improve your situational awareness, and gain confidence in acting decisively, even under pressure.

This course isn’t just about theory. We’ll provide practical exercises, case studies, and tools you can immediately implement to become a more vigilant leader within your own sphere of influence.

Get ready to challenge your assumptions about leadership and cultivate the adaptability and foresight necessary for navigating our ever-evolving world.