The Ultimate Guide On Staffon Gambit

What you will learn

All the traps that Black has

How to win fast with Black pieces

How to play with White pieces

All the ideas and strategies for both colors

An opening system that will help you to win games

A lot of tactical motives

Practical ideas to continue the game


The Stafford Gambit is an objectively dubious, but highly venomous opening. Black sacrifices a pawn in order to get extremely active pieces and direct threats against f2 and 0-0. If white doesn’t know what to do then he can lose the game quickly.

There are plenty of opening traps. I selected a long collection for you. Even strong players can fall into these traps if he don’t know them.

Why It Created?

This course created to help you build your opening understanding and repertoire. Stafford gambit is an important system that will help you create strong attacks on f2. Using this system you’ll not learn how to attack and how to use the tactics for your benefit. In the contrary, if you don’t know what to do against it then you might lose quickly.



  1. The correct move order // 2,46
  2. Trap 01 // 2,37
  3. Trap 02 // 1,18
  4. Trap 03 // 2,25
  5. Trap 04 // 1,31
  6. Trap 05 // 3,26
  7. Trap 06 // 1
  8. Trap 07 // 1,48
  9. Trap 08 // 1,30
  10. The refutation of the gambit // 4,55
  11. Other available courses // 8,00

About the Author

Angelo Kesaris

Angelo Kesaris is a professional chess coach, theorist and FIDE National Instructor. Born Ioannina – Greece (1982) with International FIDE rating 1900 ELO.

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He is co-author and Academy manager for the Remote Chess Academy.

As a chess teacher, he has been happily teaching chess since he was 20. He started teaching chess in primary schools, organize lessons in chess clubs, private classes and online teaching.




Stafford Gambit

The correct move order

Trap 01

Trap 02

Trap 03

Trap 04

Trap 05

Trap 06

Trap 07

Trap 08

The refutation of the gambit

Other available courses