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Unveiling Organizational Behaviour Fundamentals
Fundamentals of Organizational Behaviour

What you will learn

Understand basic fundamentals of organizational behaviour

Gain knowledge about employee behavior at individual and group level

Learn stress management and conflict management strategies

Gain knowledge about emotional intelligence and its application in organizational behavior

Acquire knowledge about organizational culture and its role in employee performance

To get familiar with concepts of organizational change and organizational politics

To learn about employee empowerment.


Understanding of organizational behavior is very much significant to understand, predict and control employee behavior within an organization. It focuses on individuals, groups and their interactional relationship. Organizational behavior attempts to understand individuals as a basis of meeting individual needs and organizational objectives. The objective of this course is to provide deep insight into the fundamentals of organizational behavior and to sharpen your behavior interpretation skills to be able to understand and control employee behavior. There are seven sections in this course namely; introduction to organizational behavior, Emerging challenges facing organizational behavior, emotional intelligence, organizational stress and conflict management, organizational politics, organizational culture and change, team building and explores all the dimensions to develop a more rounded understanding of organizational behavior. After finishing this course, you will be aware about key fundamental aspects of organizational behavior. This course aims to help educators, management students, research scholars, organizational behavior practitioners and entrepreneurs to understand and apply the fundamentals of organizational behavior. If you are a student of BBA/MBA course or diploma in Psychology or pursuing research in OB domain, this course will help you to gain insight into the fundamentals of organizational behavior. So just click on the enroll button and learn fundamentals of organizational behavior. I am looking forward to see you all in the course.

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Introduction to Organizational Behaviour

Introduction to Organizational Behaviour
Individual Behavior
Group Behaviour

Contemporary Challenges Facing Organizational Behavior

Contemporary Challenges Facing Organizational Behavior

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Organizational Stress and Conflict Management

Organizational Stress
Conflict Management

Organizational Culture, Change and Politics

Organizational Politics
Organizational Culture
Organizational Change
Organizational Learning

Team Building

Employee Empowerment
Team Building
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