Essential skill for working on UNIX/LINUX based Test Envrionments

What you will learn

Learn UNIX fundamentals from a Testing view point

Understand UNIX essential utilities required for a Software Tester

Get a practical insight into usage of UNIX while carrying out Testing

Gain confidence in order to work in an UNIX/LINUX based test environments


Are you working in an UNIX based Test Environment?

or about to work in an UNIX flavoured Test environment such as Ubuntu, Redhat Linux, etc?

Eager to learn UNIX so you can add the skills to your CV?

Then you should be aware that UNIX skill is certainly in demand and quite significant and is the most commonly used operating system in many complex IT ecosystems and extensively in the cloud as well.

LearnΒ  UNIX – from Testing examples view-point.

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The key objectives of the Course is to learn UNIX fundamentals and be ready to work in any UNIX flavoured test environment

This realistic course covers right from taking you through UNIX Basic Commands, Exploring UNIX File System, Working with Files (for test data), searching for files that you create (as part of test execution perhaps), giving permissions to a file so you can execute a script during test execution.

Learn practical usage of UNIX and as industry expects from any Software Tester while using UNIX systems.

Students would get a practical and hands-on insight into various activities carried out using UNIX commands. With the right exposure to UNIX, you should be able to work and deliver on testing projects run on UNIX test environment.

Note: this course caters for UNIX based utilities and the fundamentals only so does NOT cover advanced UNIX commands (not required for a tester !) andΒ  does NOT cover shell script development.



UNIX Overview

Insight into need for UNIX skill
LINUX Bash Shell overview
Enable LINUX Bash Shell on Windows

UNIX Basic Commands

Check bash is enabled
Check Ubuntu release version
Working with Super user sudo

Exploring File System

Home directory
Switching between 2 directories
Creating directory & listing directories
Manual for commands
Listing files – attributes explained
Navigating between directories
Listing files from different directory (without switching)

File Creation

nano utility & cat command
vi editor

Working with Files

Copying files to another directory
Moving files to another directory
Removing files and directories
Viewing file – less command

Searching for content within a file & Searching for files

Search within a file using less
grep basics – searching for content within a file
Root directory and UNIX file system
grep from anywhere
grep using pipe (|) character
‘find’ for a file in all directories
‘find’ in current directory


chmod basics
Changing file permissions
Executing shell script