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Unity and Game Development

What you will learn

Learn How a game gets created

Learn C# in Unity

Learn Movement Methods

Learn Animation structure

Learn UI in Unity

Learn How to create a Simple Game

How to get income from game


Hi 🙂 We are “BudGames”.

This course is suitable for people who want to start making games and have no knowledge and experience of making games and programming. We have tried to implement all the training in the simplest possible way and in the shortest possible time. At the end of the course, you will fully learn how to make the game you want And you also learn how to make money from the games you make. During the course, in some parts, there are Practices that are better to do. We always try to keep this course updated.

The lessons taught in this course are prerequisites for making all games (2D, 3D, VR,…)

Brief explanation about Unity :

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it is one of the best game engines and you can use it to create games for different platforms Like Android, IOS, Windows, WebGL, AR, VR, PlayStation , etc. The default programming language in Unity is C#, which is a simple and high-level language.

Educational Structure :

Our educational structure is such that the tutorials are first recorded and then voiceover is done on them and then they are edited. Cause of that, all the lectures have no wasted time and they were provided with high quality and useful(This is the reason for the short time of each episode – New Educational system)

Our slogan: quality education in the shortest time :).



Unity tutorials

Unity installation and code environment
Getting to know different parts of Unity
Understanding components in Unity
C# Programming – Part 1
C# Programming – Part 2
C# Functions in Unity
Physics in Game
Using keyboard buttons in code
Movement & Jump
Collision structure in Unity
Produce Objects in Unity – Instantiate (Shooting bullet)
Important points – Part 1
Create Enemy
Get Score
Save and Load structure
UI in Unity
Create a Menu and UI Buttons
Animation in Unity and Game
Work with Animator (manage animations)
Load Level + Menu Animation in Unity
Music and Sound Effects in Unity
Work with timer (IEnumerator)
Make Pages for Game (Stop Page)
Export from Unity
Make a simple Game – Part 1
Make a simple Game – Part 2