Getting Started with Unity basics and game development.

What you will learn

Start learning Unity

Start learning game development

Beginner’s guide to Unity Game Development

Introduction to Game Physics and Game Development


This is an introductory course that gets you started with learning Game Development in no time.

The course will allow you to learn basics of Unity 3D, the tool we will use for developing games.

Our first section is theoretical that includes:

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  • What is a game
  • What is game development
  • Why do we make games
  • Who are the people who make games and what are their roles
  • What tools and hardware we need for game development and this course

Then we start our practical journey of game development. Here we will start off with:

  • How to download and install Unity on computer
  • How Unity user interface works and what are different UI layouts.
  • What is a game view and scene view
  • What is inspector
  • What is explorer, hierarchy and console
  • How to use mouse in Unity
  • How to add basic game objects in Unity like Cube, Sphere, Cylinder and Capsules etc.
  • How to combine these basic objects to make more complex items (We make a tractor for example)

More Concepts:

  • Creating and adding materials to give colors and surface to 3d objects
  • What are transforms (translate, rotate, scale)
  • 3 Ways of applying transforms to an object in Unity
  • Adding game physics, how physics works in Unity
  • How to add gravity to an object using rigidbody
  • We create an example football field
  • How object collision works – What are colliders
  • Importing a 3D human character on the field
  • Trying out colliders
  • Creating a rolling ball maze

This course will give you sufficient starting knowledge so that you can continue to learn more advance topics in future.




What is Game Development
What why and why of game development
Who makes games and what are their roles?
Expectations and requirements – Tools and Hardware needed

Getting Started

How to Install Unity and required tools
First Project and Getting Started with Unity
Adding game objects & applying transforms
Mouse controls in Unity
Assignment 1 – Making a detailed 3D object

Applying Transforms, Creating Materials and Game Physics

Creating Materials and Applying Textures
3 Ways of applying transforms to an object
Game physics: gravity using rigid body

Example Scene – A football field

Creating a football field and rolling the ball
Colliders and Object Collision
Create a leg and kick the ball
Importing the human character & scoring a goal
Assignment 2: A rolling ball maze