Basic review of Input/Output/Processes

What you will learn

Learners will combine input and process to build an appropriate output.

Learners will analyze a problem and figure an appropriate solution, written in python.

Identify components of a problem to break it down into what inputs are needed and how to process them accordingly.

Write a simple process to read input and process an acceptable output.


This course is an introduction to python at a basic level. This is geared toward the users who are overwhelmed with other python courses trying to cover too much material without first having a solid grasp of core concepts. This course covers basic input, output, and processes. Give you lots of examples and pushes you to complete the project to fully grasp the topics.

Examples for input include how to capture input from users, how to define data types of user input, and how to assign variables. For the output portion, we will be covering basic output such as print commands, but also the formatting print commands to make the output more meaningful. We will cover the basic processes using common math functions. We will put all of it together with several projects to ensure understanding. We also cover two additional areas conditional statements such as if-statements and error handling through try-except blocks. I keep things really simple so that learners who may feel overwhelmed can take this course and get the basics done without being overwhelmed.

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The big takeaway from this course is taking a learner who has very no experience and taking them from knowing nothing and taking them to understand basics inputs, processes, and outputs. Each learner will have several projects that re-enforce your understanding of core concepts.

Keep in mind this is a free course, and I am limited by Udemy guidelines.



Course Overview

What are We Learning
Introducing The Instructor

Introduction to Python

Introduction to Python

Data Types

Data Types


Basic Prints
Formatting Prints


Input Captures


Math Functions
String Manipulation
String Sub-String


Error Handling Through Try Blocks
Troubleshooting Error Codes


Walkthrough 1
Walkthrough 2


Wrap-up Communication