Learn how to build a reusable react template and speed up your workflow when you create new React projects

What you will learn

Learn how to build a standard reusable responsive React Template

Speed up your workflow when building new React project

Setup redux toolkit and user dashboard

Build reusable components which can be used for most react apps


Welcome to the Ultimate React Project Template Course, where you’ll master the art of creating a reusable React template to supercharge your project development process. In today’s fast-paced world of web development, efficiency is key, and this course is your gateway to unlocking a whole new level of productivity.

Are you tired of starting from scratch every time you begin a new React project? With our expert guidance, you’ll learn how to craft a versatile and customizable React template that streamlines your workflow and saves you valuable time. Say goodbye to repetitive setup tasks and hello to rapid project kick-offs!

Our comprehensive course offers step-by-step instruction on designing a robust React template that adheres to best practices. You’ll dive deep into React component architecture, routing, state management, styling, and more. By the end, you’ll possess a battle-tested template that you can use as a foundation for any React project, big or small.

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Join us in the Ultimate React Project Template Course and empower yourself to:

  • Boost your development speed
  • Maintain consistent code quality
  • Eliminate redundancy in your projects
  • Stay ahead in the competitive world of web development

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your React skills and become a more efficient developer. Enroll now and revolutionize your React project development process today!



Introduction and setup

Project Demo
Introduction to the course
Project Setup

Home Page

Create Components and Pages
Routes setup
Header Component
Footer Component
Home Page
404 Not Found Page

Redux Toolkit setup

Setup Redux Toolkit

Auth Pages

Card Component
Create Auth Pages and Route
Login Page
Register Page
Reset Password Page

Dashboard Page

Create Admin Dashboard Pages and Route
Setup Admin page
Sidebar Component
Sidebar Item Component – Part 1
Sidebar Item Component – Part 2
Dashboard Home Page
Dashboard Profile Page
Loader Component
Add Loader to page
Add Toast Notifications
Create Subscription Component and Route
Subscription Component

Deploy App

Deploy App To Vercel
29. Conclusion – What Next!!!